How to lose weight on proper diet: basic rules and sample menu for a week

Today, a healthy lifestyle became fashionable trend. To keep pace with the time needed to go to the gym and eat right. Overall, a good trend, if you understand these issues more deeply, not on the Amateur level. Exercise and a balanced diet are the Foundation of good health and good physical shape. This is the ideal method to combat excess weight-without exhausting diets and unbearable fasts.

proper nutrition

However, for weight loss proper nutrition you need to be able to use. If the wrong approach is the only thing you can do is to stabilise, but not reduce weight. Small tweaks, a few changes in the daily schedule and menus — all these details will help you to find the dream figure without harm to health.

What it is

Proper nutrition is often indicated by the abbreviation PP. His task is to ensure normal functioning, contributing to strengthening of health and prevention of various diseases. Rests on two pillars. First: it is based on only healthy food, not junk food and other empty calories, and alcohol. Second: the precise schedule of meals. Everything else comes from these two provisions.

In the budget of all modern developed countries annually allocates funds to promote proper nutrition. Videos, flyers, infographics, national pyramid products — are actively used to convey to the public the importance of this issue. Numerous studies constantly adjusted basic principles that they work more effectively.

Proper nutrition is the basis of many therapeutic diets. In particular, it is prescribed in diseases such as:

  • excess body weight;
  • obesity;
  • alimentary-dependent diseases (atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, etc.);
  • the syndrome of impaired intestinal absorption and digestion;
  • eating disorders.

The relevance of PP is caused by many factors of modern life. First and foremost is the high popularity of fast food, so called junk food. Despite the fact that everyone knows the harm of TRANS fats, this food remains in high demand at the food market.

The second problem of our society — a sedentary lifestyle. On the street we travel in cars, at work, spend 8 hours in an office chair, a home for all of us makes smart home appliances, allowing you to get off the couch. Overlapping with physical inactivity improper nutrition leads to overweight, obesity and a whole bunch of health problems.

To solve these problems by means of proper nutrition in close contact with sports.

A little statistics. While the war of fast food and nutrition to win on the side of the first. More than 70% of people admit that they can't live without these harmful Goodies and only 30% were able to give them up forever. However, the hope for a positive trend is still there. 10 years ago, these figures were even greater difference: 80% to 20% respectively. And experts predict that in the future the gap will be permanently reduced.

the benefits of proper nutrition

The basics of proper nutrition

Daring to move it, you need to understand and accept one fundamental truth: it is a well-established, approved by the who system, which does not fit with the others. The theory of food combining, fasting, fasting days, diet and everything else you need to leave in a past life. Will have to abandon any experiments with food and observe the traditional rules.

Fractional power

The basis of PP is only smaller meals and no more. This means that the meals are held every 3 hours in total per day 5 or 6 (including a snack before bed), but the portions are small. A sample routine might be:

The schedule can be adjusted depending on the mode of the day, but remember that Breakfast should not be later than 10.00 am, and last meal till 22.00.

The body becomes accustomed to the constant delivery of food and he will cease to make reserves for a rainy day in the form of fat deposits. This will work on the weight loss.

A small amount of portions

It is calculated individually, based on the daily calorie diet. On average, it is not recommended that the portion exceeding 300 g for males and 250 g for girls. Go to the trick, if you constantly eat large amount: eat from small plates. Kitchen scale for the first time. Then your eyes will adjust and he will have to determine the approximate weight of the food.

A balanced diet

Diets usually suggest to increase the consumption Belov, limit the carbs and clean fats. In everyday life we do the opposite: eat a lot of fatty and carbohydrate and protein food remains behind. PP eliminates both of these extremes and involves the inclusion in the diet of all nutrients in the optimum ratio.

To compose menus for weight loss, you will need to calculate your daily caloric intake and ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. This can be done according to specific formulas, which you will find here. Normally used are the following proportions:

For weight loss usually proposed ratio of 5:1:2, but the system of proper nutrition it will not fit, as there is a significant bias in favor of proteins.

Dietary diversity

The diet should be varied. For example, traditionally considered a Breakfast porridge. The dish will remain the same, but you can always change the cereal. Alternate it with eggs (there are more than 50 methods for their preparation), useful for sandwiches etc. the Menu is varied. That will give the body avocados, no bananas, and Vice versa.

A lot of water

rules of proper nutrition

Consumption of clean drinking water in large quantities — a prerequisite of proper nutrition. And especially for those who use it for weight loss. It can be melted, filtered, structured, bottled, mineral, distilled, with the addition of lemon or honey is your choice. Daily volume define themselves: either 30 ml per 1 kg of your weight, either fixed (e.g., 2 or 2.5 litres). The main thing is to be not less than 1.5 L.

Temperature mode you can select different ways: it can be cool (not ice), room temperature or warm (but not hot).

You need to drink between meals, for example, every hour. The day should begin with her: half an hour before Breakfast to drink a glass. In the heat and in the days of intense exercise, water consumption increases by 500-600 ml per day.

Useful methods of preparation

Going on a proper diet, you have to forget not only about fast food, but fried homemade Goodies. Frying in butter contributes to the development of harmful carcinogens that do not fit into the system PP and can spoil the whole effect. I.e., from fried potatoes will have to give up for sure. With regard to scrambled eggs or omelets, they can learn how to cook in the dry pan is allowed. Many may not opt out of frying onions and carrots for the soup, without which it is obtained fresh. There is a solution — an easy stir-frying in extra virgin olive oil in a deep saucepan.

All other methods of cooking allowed: - fried, steamed, boiling, stewing. The grill is limited, but also acceptable.

There is a need to correctly

It is unlikely you ever thought about this question, recently, however, he pays a lot of attention. The point is that every piece should be thoroughly chewed and get pleasure from food. The benefits of this are obvious: a well-chopped food digests better. And eat will be much less and the hunger subsides faster.

To drink is also necessary to properly

The most common mistake, which affects digestion, weight and health. During the meal we usually put next to the plate glass of water or tea. In the stomach fluid mixed with solid food, taking from it the nutrients and carries them away, bringing out of the body. In some cases, it all begins to ferment, causing flatulence and discomfort.

Therefore, it is important to drink any drinks only half an hour after eating, when the digestive process is already running.

10 main "can not be" proper nutrition:

  1. Overeating.
  2. To starve.
  3. To skip meals.
  4. Is harmful products.
  5. To eat in public places, order food in a quick service delivery.
  6. Fry.
  7. Hurry up and talk during meals.
  8. Drink food drinks and water.
  9. There is every day the same.
  10. Excluded from the diet or limit one of the main nutrients (proteins, fats or carbohydrates).

All of these rules at first glance seem difficult to accomplish. In fact, is only the beginning, and after a week of new food habits themselves are you to dictate to them.

products for proper nutrition



Should be mandatory, a full, nutritious. The caloric content is approximately 40% of the daily diet. Includes proteins (eggs, dairy products with any percentage of fat) and carbohydrates (both complex and simple). This is the only meal that allows even within weight loss to eat donuts, muffins, something sweet — it will go for energy for the day. But we should not abuse this indulgence.

Recommended dishes:

  • oatmeal in water and milk with added fruit, berries and nuts;
  • cereals and bran;
  • cottage cheese with herbs, natural yogurt;
  • poached eggs, boiled soft-boiled or hard-boiled, scrambled and fried eggs with vegetables on a dry pan.

Half an hour later allowed to drink coffee (in the morning with cream and even sugar), cocoa, kefir, drinking yoghurt, milk shakes with added fruit.


Snack on the proper nutrition required. Their task is not to give the body to starve, so he did not take a long break between meals as an emergency measure and started to stock up on fat for a rainy day. Three meals a day diet does not fit into this system.

For lunch it is best to eat fruits, nuts, and dried fruit (it is convenient to take with you to work). The afternoon included something protein, healthy and delicious: smoothies, cheese, yogurt, kefir. Problem night eating decide small snack before bed. It may be a pear or an Apple, but better — a glass of buttermilk.

Lunch and afternoon tea account for about 5% of the daily caloric intake.


Is the main and most nutritious meal (as it correctly to organize we told you earlier), so must be at least 30% of the daily caloric intake. Includes all necessary body nutrients: proteins, fats and carbohydrates (preference for advanced). Be sure to use hot food.

Recommended dishes:

  • hot soup, despite the fact that its good for the stomach now being challenged, who have not yet changed regarding his be sure to include in the menu of kindergartens and schools, which are built on the principles of good nutrition;
  • salad from fresh vegetables with addition of oil;
  • meat or fish.

Half an hour later you can drink black or green tea, without sugar, but you can add lemon, honey or milk. Or vegetable and fruit juice, not store-bought, and squeezed at home.


Should be easy, overeating and heavy meals are excluded. Is not more than 20% of the daily caloric intake. Includes digestible proteins and complex carbohydrates. This dinner will definitely promote weight loss, easing digestion night.

Recommended dishes:

  • seafood, fish, chicken as the protein sources;
  • as a garnish you can cook rice or buckwheat, sometimes to treat yourself to pasta made of durum wheat, to put out the vegetables.

After half an hour it is best to drink herbal tea, and nervous system calm (help you fall asleep faster), and your appetite will reduce, so before bed is not wanted.



Oatmeal yogurt

Calories: 102 kcal per 100 g

200 g of oatmeal in the evening pour 0.5 liters of 2.5% kefir. Mix well. Close the lid. Wrap in a Terry towel. Leave at room temperature overnight. In the morning, a little salt, mix again. Dice the Apple, chop 2-3 walnut kernels, pour in oatmeal. Gourmets can add to this unusual cereal 2-3 cut into quarters strawberries and a teaspoon of honey.


Easy fat burning salad

Calories: 96 kcal per 100 g

Cut into cubes 1 ripe peeled avocado. Blanch, to put on the slices of 2 tomatoes. 2 cucumber peel and RUB on a coarse grater. Chop a small onion and 20 g of parsley. Pour the ingredients into a salad bowl, sprinkle any powdered pepper. Add 20 ml of olive oil and lemon juice. Mix thoroughly.

dinner option


Baked sea bass with vegetables

Calories: 98 kcal per 100 g

Soak for half an hour in cold water the carcass of a sea bass. Dry with paper towels, cleaned and cut into portions. RUB with salt, sprinkle with ground pepper and thyme. Put puree 4 crushed cloves of garlic. Pour 10 ml olive oil 10 ml lemon juice. Leave under pressure for half an hour. At this time, arbitrarily cut into 100 g of celery, tomatoes, zucchini and eggplant (the best pre-soak in salt water). To add salt to the vegetables, mix together.

On a greased pan put half of the vegetable mixture on it — pieces of sea bass, and top with second half of veggies. Close foil. Bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 40-50 minutes.

Planning a weight loss on proper diet, keep in mind that it involves maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as is its integral part. Want to achieve results — work on yourself: stop Smoking, relax, tune only on the positive, avoid stress. And the main thing — do not doubt that this is one of the most correct and safe methods of weight reduction.