Diet Six petals

Diet 6 petals for weight loss (also known under the names "Daisy" or "Flower"), is a six day course of the diet, is composed of several mono-diet with different orientation of action, which is manifested by eating foods from different culinary categories. Such a layered approach to the process of weight correction in the direction of its reduction allows the human body daily to lose excess body fat, while not introducing it in a state of stress, which often accompanies other methods of weight loss. In addition, each subsequent day of this diet fills the body, inherent in a particular food product useful substances that positively affects its functionality.

diet 6 petals

Weight loss 6 petals

Before starting a diet person is invited to make his own kind of visual aid in randomly selected flower shape with 6 petals symbolizing the dietary principle of all weight-loss rate. Generally identified as follows: one day – one product. Most often used for this chamomile, 6 petals which individually is a mono power duration of the day.

Concluding that or another day of the diet, you should tear off the flower petals are relevant until there is one empty stem that will mark the finale of the full course weight loss. Making this flower is a symbol of diet you can use already existing on the Internet various pictures and photos, or to fully Express their own imagination.

Fish mono-diet

On the first day of the diet fish diet fully supplies the human body easily digestible and rich in protein, polyunsaturated and also omega-3 acids. Such acids are inherently "good" fats, which due to its composition does not accumulate and does not have the ability to be transformed into subcutaneous fat deposits, but on the contrary quite a positive impact on the body.

The beneficial effect of omega-3 fatty acids is observed for the vascular system (decrease in cholesterol concentration), skin and hair (strengthening and flexibility), nervous system (mood enhancement and stress resistance), etc. in Addition, the cumulative effects of fish protein and these acids contribute to the rapid weight loss, primarily aimed at getting rid of fat around waist and hips. Consequently, the result of aging one day fishing mono should be a significant plummet in the background to prepare the body to a vegetable diet.

Vegetable mono-diet

The second day of the diet due to the exceptionally menu of vegetables are characterized by the intake of fewer calories along with plenty of fiber, various vitamins and minerals as well as slow carbohydrates. In this case, the fiber will act as not only the saturation component, and activator of intestinal motility, which will provide a sort of cleansing of the lower gastrointestinal tract.

In turn, inherent to almost all vegetables are slow carbs require the body a lot of energy for their own digestion and absorption in the conditions of deficiency of energy will lead to the replenishment of its reserves of fat cells. For maximum preservation of the vitamin-mineral composition of vegetables, eat them raw or cook in a double boiler. Day vegetable mono right after a day of protein rich food must to show the best results of weight loss.

chicken mono-diet

Chicken mono-diet

The third day of the diet and the second sequence of protein represented by the chicken meat, which without exaggeration can be called a favorite in nutrition. Lean and tender meat of this bird (without skin) is rich in very useful in protein, full of essential amino acids and b-vitamins, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, etc. Chicken mono-diet for 24 hours will perfectly complement the already worn several protein reserves, which will go on strengthening of muscular frame, and extracting the missing energy from fat deposits, thus leading to another plummet.

Cereal mono-diet

Cereal day diet, practiced immediately after the chicken diet should include useful cereal porridge, and ideally, grains. In addition to the cereal in one's diet is permissible to introduce a bit of bran bread. It is concentrated in the bran vital for the body trace elements and other useful substances. In addition, the process of digestion and processing of the cereal shell to be accompanied by additional power consumption, which again will be retrieved from the old oil. To increase the plummet on this diet stage will help proper cooking of cereals, consisting in a minimal heat treatment.

Cheese mono-diet

On the fifth day in the fight against obesity comes natural cheese, once again fills the body with minerals, which stocks suffer even minimum compliance with any mono.

In any case, do not use for diet "cheese mixture", containing in its composition of harmful chemical additives and hydrogenated fats. Eat milk product needs to be fresh, medium-fat, and definitely high quality. Like cottage cheese 20% will consist of first-class protein, which is perfectly cope with the feeling of satiety, concurrently contributing to weight loss due to its low calorie content.

In addition, the cheese proteins are split into amino acids, enabling the updating of the cellular system and caring about the state of internal organs.

Fruit mono-diet

The final day of the diet you need to spend only on the fruit, which is designed to provide the human body with the necessary polysaccharides representing complex carbohydrates. Additionally, fruits have to take care of the final cleaning of the intestine, exert their antioxidant effect and to fill a few vitamins weakened the body. The process of weight loss the last diet phase is ongoing and runs on the principle of fat burning, energy which is spent on the processing of polysaccharides. As in the previous cases, all receiving food, the fruit must be fresh and organic.

Stringent quantitative restrictions on the daily intake of protein and carbohydrate foods in principle is not established, but nutritionists recommend you consider the amount of daily consumed products are as follows:

  • mono protein (fish/chicken/cottage cheese) – 500 grams;
  • carbohydrate mono (vegetable/fruit) – up to 1500 grams;
  • carbohydrate mono - (cereal) – up to 200 grams of dry cereal.

The basic rules of the diet

principles of the diet

As with any other diet system weight loss during the diet 6 petals, you need to follow some key rules, namely:

  • in any case, do not change the sequence of mono-diet;
  • for day use only, one of the recommended food product;
  • practice 5-6 meals a day and very carefully chewing to eat;
  • try to observe the abundant drinking regime and drink is recommended to drink only between meals;
  • to fully give up sugar-containing dishes;
  • not to neglect exercise.

Permitted foods

It goes without saying that a nutritious diet diet 6 petals is required to meet a certain day mono and drafted exclusively from the products, meeting all its requirements.

  • On the first day allowed to eat only fish, but all varieties and cooked in any way, the relevant concept of "diet". For this reason, you should avoid fried fish. To cook this product is the best on the grill, in the oven, in the steamer or resort to suppression. Fish dishes can be salted, but only to a minimum, so as not to delay the body of excess fluid. It is permissible to eat fish broth and flavoring dishes with a small amount of spices and herbs.
  • On the second day, your menu should be composed exclusively of vegetables, fresh (preferably), steamed or boiled. Allowed to use any vegetable, including starchy (e.g., potatoes), but in small amounts mainly in salads type salad. In meals you can add herbs, a little seasoning, salt and vegetable oil. For the purpose of diversity in the diet include vegetable smoothies, which are lately becoming increasingly popular.
  • The third day can not eat nothing but chicken meat, preferring the loin of the carcass of this bird skinless. Ways of cooking chicken the same as those on the fish diet as recommendations on the admission of broth, use spices and salt (at a minimum).
  • On the fourth day can be prepared in water various cereals and in first place of coarse cereals. It is also permissible to use whole wheat bread and a bit of natural kvass. Salt and spices should be used in smaller amounts. Before cooking of cereals, preferably at night to soak the selected cereals in cold water.
  • On the fifth day of the diet nutritional diet filled with all-natural cheese medium fat, without any additives and fillers. At this point, you can afford to drink a couple of glasses of no fat yogurt or milk, but only with good tolerability of this product, as well as to spice up the classic cheese (with no additives) yogurt.
  • The sixth day should eat only fruits, a variety of which can be restricted only to available material means. Fruit is best consumed raw or roasted form. You can also prepare fruit juices or stewed fruit, adding a small amount of cinnamon or vanilla.

The basis of drinking regime of this diet is obliged to enter the treated water in amount of 1.5 liters in 24 hours. Extra drinks can be consumed black/green tea and once a day of natural coffee (without sugar).

diet 6 petals that cannot be

Fully or partially restricted products

The list fall under the ban of food in the diet 6 petals will also depend on the currently selected mono. For example, in fish day, it will be impossible to eat vegetables, and cheese chicken or fruit etc.

In turn, while keeping the system weight loss you need entirely to abandon these products:

  • sugar in any form;
  • breads and pastries;
  • all products of fast food;
  • flour and pasta;
  • fatty and smoked dishes;
  • sausages and canned food;
  • pickles, ketchup, mayonnaise;
  • fat dairy products;
  • oils and margarine;
  • factory of carbonated beverages;
  • alcoholic beverages.

Recipes diet 6 petals

As a rule, all mono, including diet system weight loss six petals, are diverse prepared dishes, however, showing some imagination you can eat quite tasteful.

Baked Pollock

Necessary ingredients:

  • Pollock – 1 PC.;
  • greens and salt.

Whole fish carcass clean from the husk, remove all the excess and carefully rinse under running water. Put inside the fish a few sprigs of your favorite herbs and some salt on top of it. Bake the Pollock in the oven until crust.

Stuffed with vegetables peppers

Necessary ingredients:

  • salad pepper – 4 PCs.;
  • onion, tomato and carrot – 1 PC.;
  • zucchini – 0,5 PCs;
  • garlic – 4 tooth.

On a medium grater grate the carrot, slice the tomato, chop the onions and garlic and cook everything for 8-10 minutes. Finely chop zucchini, add it to other vegetables and continue to sauté until soft (optional sprinkle with a little salt). Clean the peppers from seed boxes, stuff them received vegetable stuffing and cook in the slow cooker.

Cottage cheese cheesecakes

Necessary ingredients:

  • not fat cottage cheese – 300 g;
  • Munk – 15 g;
  • egg – 1 PC.

With a conventional fork mash the cheese and mix it with egg. Gently shape from the obtained curd mass in small balls, roll them in semolina and bake in the oven until ready.

green smoothie

Green smoothie

Necessary ingredients:

  • kiwi – 2 pieces;
  • banana – 1 PC.;
  • freshly squeezed Apple juice – 50 ml.

All solid ingredients are cut into smaller pieces and blend in a blender. Instead of kiwi and banana, you can use any fruit available.

Out of the diet

Before going on the usual diet to a diet, you should record the result, which will need some more time to adhere to certain dietary rules.

  • To save the updated body for a long time should for several days after the diet to eat the recommended data dietary regime products.
  • The first time out is best separate days to mix protein and carbohydrate meals and gradually to Supplement their other food ingredients with similar composition, practicing a continuation of the principles of food combining.
  • You should gradually increase daily caloric own nutritious diet, gradually bringing it first to 1600 kcal and 1800 kcal in 24 hours.
  • In addition, for all meals, it is important to carefully select foods for a diet, your body got used to the gentle and good enough food.
  • On the output stage, we should not forget about physical exercises which with one hand will help to maintain the results of weight loss, and the other will help restore muscle tone and prevent the formation of sagging and dullness of the skin.

It is important to remember that the purpose of saving their own health practice 6-day course flap diet can not more often than once a month, and in the case of keeping the 13-day course – maximum of 4 times per year.