Simple exercises for belly slimming

The most problematic area in women is the stomach. In order to accumulate the fat on a lot of time is not required, but then to get rid of it, you can spend a few months.

belly fat

There are many factors due to which the stomach can accumulate fat and excess pounds. In order to get rid of it, you need to watch your diet and perform some exercises for belly that you can do at home.

According to statistics most women are not happy with the appearance of your abdomen. This is understandable, because the folds visible to others and do not look very attractive. Most women who dream about losing weight resort to different methods and ways, up to starvation. Not many people know to look decent, fit, simply stick to a certain diet and perform a few simple exercises for the abdomen.

Causes of fat and extra pounds

How to assure doctors, stomach should be a small amount of fat, because it serves as a kind of protective barrier all internal organs and bones. But excessive amounts of body fat should be a concern. So why there are the extra pounds and belly fat?

  1. Genetics are known to be stubborn. It is believed that if grandparents or mother there are problems with fatty deposits, they can go to heirs. The most common forms are "Apple" and "pear". If you got a form of "pear", the extra pounds go in the lower part of the body, if "Apple", then in the stomach.
  2. Bad metabolism. Over the years, the metabolism slows significantly. This is what leads to the accumulation of abdominal fat. It is known that women are more prone to deposits in the abdomen than men.
  3. Overeating. If the day to eat much more than that without the extra pounds will not do here.
  4. Stationary lifestyle. If a lot of time is spent at the computer or TV, and absolutely no physical exercise, the extra pounds will gain for the shortest possible time.
  5. Stress, tension, illnesses. Stress or disease have a significant impact on any body, especially for women. Stress and tension increase the level of cortisol in the body, which can cause deposits on the waist and abdomen.
  6. Any hormonal change. This is especially true of women, whose age has long crossed the threshold of 40 years. The amount of fat in the body can increase in proportion to body weight.

Effective exercises for belly

Exercise for weight loss belly very important. Most importantly, perform them correctly and clearly understood, the effect can only be achieved if these exercises are permanent and will be combined with a certain diet.

Will consider which exercises are the most effective and important for weight loss in the abdominal area:

exercise vacuum


A fairly easy exercise that involves breathing. On all fours, the body rests on the elbows and knees, take a deep breath with a relaxed belly. When you exhale, the stomach should stretch and draw in itself. In this position, you must hold out for 30 seconds.

Leg lifts

Exactly sitting on the chair, the hands should be put at the sides, palms down so they were under my feet. On the exhale, knees must be raised to best snuggled in his chest. In this position, you must hold up to 10 seconds.

The slopes on the sides

Exercise for stomach and sides. Standing straight, feet shoulder width apart, arms should be raised over the head and fold them. The torso should tilt to the left so that she felt the stretching of the right side of the body. Ideally in this situation should hold out for 15 seconds. Back in the original, the same must be done with the right side.

Plank with twists

This exercise has a beneficial effect on the press, hips and lower back. It is necessary to take a position the strips so that the elbows and socks touch the floor, and the body was as smooth. So it is necessary to hold the case for 30 seconds and make a u-turn in the position of the side slats. To hold on to the toes and the forearm with one hand (right, then left), preferably about 30 seconds.


The most popular exercise for a flat stomach, which is characterized by its ease and great results. You need to lie on a Mat face up, legs bent, the entire foot must be flat on the floor. Hands to throw behind your head, take a breath, the upper body should raise from the floor. You need to make twisting the head as close to pressed against the stomach. Need to exhale during the ascent.

Oblique twist

The essence of such exercises is very similar with the previous species. Lie down on a Mat, hands behind head, legs bent at the knees, but the foot does not touch the floor, and was like a on weight. The upper body should be lifted as in case of simple torsion, but the right shoulder needs to rotate to the left. The left part must be motionless on the floor. Should also be done for the other side.

Twisting bike

exercise bike

You need to lie on the floor, hands behind head, legs to lift, then bend at the knees. Right knee pull to chest, then left and constantly change them. At the same time, the upper body should lift. It feels like spinning bike. The knees should be possible to be attracted to the chest, the abdomen should be tight.

Crunches with feet elevated

Need to lie down on the Mat face up, pull the legs up and cross. Upper body lifted, and arms to try to reach the stop. It is very important to follow the breath, exhale when lifting the body, inhale when lowering.

Above are several simple and easy exercises that easily help to get rid of fat and extra pounds. Focusing on such exercises up to 20 minutes a day at home, not only can get a flat stomach and chiseled waistline, but also to stay healthy and beautiful for years to come.