Diet minus 10 kg

To lose weight by 10 kg is possible if your body is extra pounds. The "extra" weight is called for a reason: if you start to eat, unnecessary for life, the pounds will quickly leave. If excess weight is a figment of your imagination, the body will be reluctant to part with their legitimate weight. Calculate ideal weight you will help service the body mass Index.

minus 10 kg

For a week really to lose 2-3 kg, and within a month you can lose about 10 kg. There is nothing criminal in the desire to go on a diet and "sculpt" the body of your dreams. But do it wisely: many girls desire to lose weight quickly ignore the elementary rules of supply and harm their health.

How to lose 10 kg

There are times when you need to lose weight quickly: photoshoot, celebration, rest. In such cases, the most effective simple diets for 10 days diet, fasting days on apples, grapefruit, yogurt. Diet for 10 days gives you a quick but short-lived result. Diet for 10 days even good for the body, but only if you're prepared to extreme unloading: pre-start to eat less, refused from flour and meat dishes. "Stand up" with a quick diet after you get the result you need gradually. Remember that when you return to a normal diet again you will gain weight. Therefore it is better to calculate the diet for a month and then continue to eat right.

To lose weight at 10 kg right

You want to lose about 10 kg, and you have no time? Then take the matter sensibly. Healthy and fast diet "Minus 10 kg" should last about six months — in the understanding of nutritionists that a short period of time. If you're not willing to abide by the complex rules of the diet, count calories and read the products, remember these simple rules (in General, it is necessary to eat always and to everyone).

  1. Don't eat starchy foods. If you can't give up bread at all, choose black and grain. Replace cakes with fruit and dark chocolate.
  2. Don't eat sugar. Hard? Put it in your tea honey coffee sugar substitute
  3. Eat less fried, spicy, fatty foods. Fish and meat cook for a couple, it is not difficult.
  4. Tightly eat and easy to eat. To supper for 2-3 hours before bedtime. All carbohydrates (bread, oatmeal, nuts, pasta) drink in the morning and afternoon, in the evening eat proteins (cheese, chicken, fish, eggs). Do not mix protein and carbohydrate foods.
  5. Do not drink soda and juices with sugar.

Such a diet will positively affect not only your weight, but also on the condition of the skin, hair, General health. With the gradual weight loss the body will get used to the new weight and return to previous weight, if you do more varied menus.


Diet "minus 10 kg": fibre is your friend

The weight got up, and minus 10 pounds in a month you still dream? The transition to a new level. About the fasting days, you already know. If you learn to follow simple rules, then fasting will not be for your body a shock (only have to collect will in a fist).

Faithful helper of all who want to lose weight — fiber. In the form of granules or powder cellulose is sold in pharmacies. It is tasteless to use it should be mixed with yogurt or kefir. Fiber is not digested and not "reserves" calories: it transit passes through the entire body, taking with them unnecessary. Fiber "cleans" the walls of the stomach and intestines. This is a very useful product, recommended for carbohydrate diet.

Celery is a unique product. His digestion of the body spends more calories than it receives from the product. To lose weight quickly will help the rejection of the dinner. Tightly eat Breakfast, eat lunch later, and instead of dinner drink a glass of kefir or eat vegetable salad. That you can't hurt yourself: at night, the body does not need calories and energy. Another diet that will help lose weight at 10 kg and not only.