22 ways to stay motivated to lose weight

Losing weight is a process. Someone manages to lose weight faster, and someone spends it for months. Weight loss motivation may pass as quickly as inspiration. How to save it? Share with you in different ways. Certainly among them there suitable for you.


Stop try my best

To drive a car is not necessary to fill up a full tank, just to make sure that the gasoline is not over. Motivation for weight loss works the same way. If you feel that you lose motivation to lose weight, take a break from dieting or exercising 1-3 days.

Ask yourself test questions

Urgently need a dose of motivation to lose weight? Ask yourself the test questions relative to the habits you want to develop. For example, if I stop to eat right, how am I going to look like in six months? If I stop to eat right, how I'll feel in six months?

Fulfill your promises in front of family and friends

Want to stay motivated to lose weight – be honest and fair in other spheres of life. For example, pay debts, execute the promises which were given to relatives, friends, colleagues. Keep your word in front of others and on a subconscious level, comes the confidence that you are able to fulfill their promise to lose weight.

Not equals too skinny models

It would seem that the portraits are of thin models should motivate to lose weight, but according to a new study, rather, they hurt. Researchers from the Netherlands divided women who want to lose weight, into 2 groups: the first group was given a journal to monitor the nutrition with photos of thin models on the cover and in the centerfold, and the second group was given a magazine with a neutral image on the cover. Women from the second group lost weight, and I gained weight.

Instead of comparing yourself with models, print for inspiration your picture where you have the right, healthy weight.

Listen to your feelings

Often we get upset, hung up on a specific number on the scales or on the job that needs to be performed to achieve the goal. And it is a fast way to lose motivation. Better pay attention to your mood after you eat healthy food, or how do you feel after a great workout. Next time you'll remember how you were good, and it will motivate them to continue in the same spirit.


Make a "business plan"

Any enterprise starts with a business plan that describes the mission and methods of its implementation. Treat your goals as business. As soon as decide what you want to achieve and in what time frame, develop a monthly plan with realistic and specific goals for weight loss.

Reward yourself, even if you have not reached the goal

Reward yourself for achieving goals – great idea, but some of the goals you have to achieve a few months or years, so you risk losing motivation long before attaining the goal. So do not wait, when you reach the finish line to reward yourself for weight loss, plan something nice in the middle of the road.

Live like you already lost

Don't wait "until you lose weight" to go on vacation, visit a friend or to start dance classes; fulfill your desires at once.

Hang a mirror next to your favorite clothes

Dream again, to get into your favorite jeans or bikinis that they wore in his youth – hang them next to the mirror. This is a great daily motivation. Since this thing have in your wardrobe, so your goal weight loss achievable.

Honestly evaluate your future

Imagine yourself in a bikini is a good motivation, but some people are inspired when they imagine what may happen to them if they do not lose weight. Ask yourself what will be your life in 10 or 20 years, if you will remain the same as it is now?

Compete with others in losing weight

In the process of losing weight important small competition. According to a recent study published in the journal "Obesity," the weight loss in the group of other helps to lose 20% more weight than if you lose weight alone. Gather a group of friends or colleagues – and lose weight together!

Determine the source of his inspiration

If you really want to stay motivated to lose weight, first of all, determine what really motivates you. For example, if it is a family, focus on thoughts, as physical exercise will help you maintain relationships with children when you get old. Take it one step further – involve your family: play with children, catch-up, go to the gym with my husband on the weekends all together harvest food for next week.


Put the scales away

Scales are useful for tracking progress in weight loss, but many people weigh in too often. Some studies show that daily weighing helps to maintain weight but not to lose weight. Weigh yourself once a week or even once every two weeks, this will help to keep the motivation.

Take pictures every day

They say that a picture's worth a thousand words. Create from any application, a photo album about your weight loss and hide it from others. Take photos every day – after a workout or while taking wholesome food. This will help you capture changes in your body that is easy to overlook or that do not have fixed scales.

Stop criticize yourself

We have a bad habit of using criticism as motivation, especially when it comes to weight loss, but it is not only not motivating, and can negate all the efforts. When we "turn on" a mode of self-criticism, we have the reflex of fight or flight. The result is produced more cortisol (stress hormone) which in turn triggers cravings for fatty and sweet foods.

Next time you start to criticize yourself, put your hand on your heart, take a few deep breaths – it will help to change your condition, to mute the negative emotions and see themselves differently.

Surround yourself with health

Weight loss motivation is a home environment, displaying your new habits: fill the fridge of healthy food, put on the table a beautiful fruit basket, supply sports shoes in a prominent place. So it will be easier to stay motivated.

Use apps on your smartphone.

Use various apps on your smartphone – search for recipes, calorie tracking, pedometer and others. It is easier to maintain motivation.

Make a list of why you want to lose weight

Great motivation to lose weight to look beautiful on the beach. This will inspire you to become slim. But that inspiration won't last long. Make a list of everything that will change for the better when you lose weight. For example, to become healthier, fitter, more confident, I will be an example for their children. Keep this list handy and read it frequently, especially when I feel very exhausted.

Make weight loss motivation to be creative

Instead of itself to make gifts for success in weight loss, give money to friends and ask them to prepare you gifts. So, losing weight for the next two (or think much) kilos, you will receive a surprise gift.

Set goals without being attached to the weight

Even if you do everything right, some days the scale will be in place. Let this not disappoint! Measure your progress in other ways: for example, to run more miles, always take a prepared lunch from home, drink 2l of water a day. Be sure to celebrate the achievement of those goals. This motivation for weight loss is a great way to keep, especially when the scales don't show any changes.


Resist your fears

Sometimes you have enough motivation, but the fears they keep us from success. For example, you want to lose weight with exercise, but not constantly been going to the gym or Jogging. Ask yourself, why? Don't you want to train? Or too shy to show my body? To overcome fear, think about alternative ways-for example, to train at home using videos, exercises, or walk with a friend in a gym for women.

Be thankful your body!

If you have lost inspiration, switch to gratitude itself. Instead of punishing yourself for something that is not dropped this week, the pound, be grateful to my body for everything it does for you (lasted a full week of workouts!).