What to do to lose weight?

Can't lose weight what to do to lose weight?

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Perhaps you have repeatedly asked this question. What you need to do to lose weight? How to remove belly fat? You must consume less calories than the body uses for energy. Each food product has its energy value. In certain foods more calories. For example, fatty and sugary foods more nutritious. If you eat more calories than your body uses for energy, the excess calories will be stored the form of fat tissues.

What you need for weight loss?

450 g of fat has 3500 calories. To get rid of 450 grams of fat per week, you have to eat 3,500 fewer calories (500 each day), or burn 3500 more calories. Need more exercise or just being more active. Consult your doctor what physical activity is right for you.

The best way to lose weight fast — eat less calories to lead a more active lifestyle. If you eliminate from your daily diet of foods with caloric value of 250 calories and will train hard to spend another 250, then you will have to consume 500 calories more than your norm. If you do it during the week, the weight will decrease by 450

Scientists believe that unhealthy to lose weight more than 900 g in a week. It would mean that the dehydration of the body begins to lose muscle mass and not fat. Therefore, the body will produce less energy, there will be a set of previously lost weight.

Normal for most people is 3 meals a day with one light snack. All meals should be approximately equal, fats should make up a small fraction. For some people is useful to 5-6 times a day smaller portions, then people will be less likely to experience hunger. Try to keep half of the diet was vegetables and fruits, eat more whole grain foods, eat lean meat instead of thermally processed foods (hot dogs, bacon).

What you need to do to lose weight? Eat Breakfast, do not skip meals. The skipping of meals in the beginning will help to reduce weight, but in the future will only harm the health. Also arose a feeling of hunger will cause you to eat more in the next meal.

What's wrong with fatty foods?

In fatty food lot of calories, it leads to the recruitment of extra unwanted weight. Consumption of saturated fats and TRANS fats can lead to increased levels of LDL-cholesterol ("bad" cholesterol), which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. This can be avoided by increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables, lean meats, avoiding fried foods, butter and margarine.

It is important to remember that some fats can be good for health. "Good" fats such as polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, contained in fish, nuts, to a lesser extent, in low-fat dairy products.

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What is "empty" calories?

Some foods considered to contain "empty" calories, that is, their high caloric content and low nutritional value. For example, soft drinks — fruity, carbonated, energy, flavored milk, sweet iced tea. They have a lot of calories and sugar.

Drinking large amounts of fluid is the right choice for your health. To reduce calories and sugar in your diet, drink more water, no calorie flavored drinks, low-fat milk. Consult your doctor that you need to eat to lose weight.

Can you trust information about nutrition from Newspapers and magazines?

Often information from different published sources contradict one one. What to do to avoid mistakes? Ask your doctor what's right and what's not. Also be aware of the following.

  • There is no magic bullet when it comes to food. The same diet is not for everyone. Need to eat what suits you.
  • Vitamin complexes do not solve all the problems, to demand the impossible is not necessary. Take them only on doctor's advice.
  • New food good for the body, so don't be afraid to try some new food.
  • Trendy diets lead to short-term results and good health are continuing efforts in nutrition.
  • The history and stories about the incredible effects of different diets or food are just advertising. These people pay money for it. The following articles from Newspapers and magazines you won't find anything about possible health problems from these diets.

Can help of various medicines for weight loss?

Medicines can help you quickly reduce weight, but maintain it so it will be difficult, it is also possible side effects. Most of diet pills not approved by the Ministry of health. Taking these funds you don't care about proper nutrition and purchasing habits to behave actively. All this is necessary if you want to lose weight and maintain your weight.

What does an active lifestyle?

Regular physical activity helps prevent cardiovascular disease, diabetes of the 2nd type, osteoporosis and other health problems. Physical activity — a prerequisite of healthy life for adults and children, regardless of excess weight. What you need to do to see the result. Even small changes in your lifestyle will bring results. Will give you helpful advice, and not one.

  • Increase the duration of any physical activity (no matter physical exercise it or not) that you perform for 10 minutes a day, or increase the intensity from low to medium, see the table after the text.
  • Spend less than 2 hours a day online, watching TV, playing video games.
  • Use the stairs instead of the Elevator.
  • Park at the farthest spot in the Parking lot, get out a stop early.
  • Do more of the household responsibilities (cleaning the house, weeding the garden).
  • Walk or run with a dog, children.
  • Use a treadmill (treadmill or bike) while watching TV.
  • Prefer an active vacation — Hiking or Cycling trips.
  • Walk on the mail or to the store.
  • Buy a pedometer to measure distance travelled in a day. Gradually increase the number of steps.

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How active are you?

Moderate exercise Heavy physical exertion Very heavy loads
Walk 1.6 km in 15 to 20 minutes Walking or Jogging 12 minutes/1,6 km Run 10 km
Bathing Swimming (leisurely) Swimming (vigorous effort)
Cycling ( 16 km/h) Cycling ( 19km/h) Cycling (22 km/h)
Dancing High intensity aerobics Step aerobics (15-20 cm)
Yard work, gardening Mowing the lawn with the mower Digging ditches
Hiking Playing tennis in pairs Tennis
House cleaning Rearrange the furniture Playing football or basketball
Active games with children Lifting weights The roller skating