What is the most effective fat burner for women?

A beautiful body is a healthy body. In recent years, more and more young people began to join the healthy lifestyle, to sports. And if before in the gym there were only men, now women have also become regular customers of the halls. The main goal of women weight loss, reduction in body fat. They can help not only proper training, a balanced diet, but fat burning drugs.

fat burners

The principle of the fat burners

Fat burners – a kind of sports nutrition, whose main purpose is to reduce the level of subcutaneous fat. These drugs only work with the active sport, proper nutrition and consumption of the required amount of water. Fat burners for women not work without exercise.

Actions fat burners are aimed at:

  • accelerating the metabolism;
  • the muted feelings of hunger and reduced appetite;
  • the revitalization of the nervous system.

Types fat burners, best fat burners for women

Fat burners can be natural, derived from food, and a special sports nutrition.

If the woman leads an active lifestyle, enough rest and drink plenty of water, then natural fat burners may be sufficient to prevent the appearance of fat on the sides, chest and hips. If the lifestyle is sedentary, predominate in food fats and simple carbohydrates, you need to use a special Supplement along with this physical exercise in the gym.

To natural remedies that burn fat include:

  • caffeinated beverages green and black tea, coffee;
  • pineapple;
  • bananas;
  • seaweed;
  • raspberry;
  • grapefruit;
  • unsweetened and low-fat dairy products;
  • spices.

Artificial fat burners, in turn, are divided into dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals and sports nutrition. They have different effects on the body, but are aimed at one result – the reduction of subcutaneous fat.

All the artificial fat burners are divided into:

  • thermogenics;
  • lipo tropics.

The first group is associated with an increase in body temperature of 0.5 to 2 OC. During this period, the body begins to expend more energy, he needed the extra calories and start the fat burning process. Substance-thermogenics are found in many plants such as raspberries. Often the basis for fat loss natural ingredients.

Lipo tropics is not directly engaged in the burning of fat. Their effect is due to blocking the synthesis of fat in the liver and to fat tissue has decayed to fatty acids.

For maximum effect combine different types of fat burners and exercise. It is necessary to keep a balanced diet with sufficient intake of protein in the body.

composition fat loss

That is part of the best fat burners

Effective fat burners for women contains the following ingredients:

  1. Ephedrine. This substance is aimed at accelerating the metabolism and decrease appetite. The maximum effect is achieved through a combination of ephedrine with caffeine.
  2. Caffeine is a classic psycho motor stimulant. It reduces appetite and stimulates the nervous system. Taking it stimulates perspiration, palpitations, nervous excitement, accompanied by energy expenditure and fat burning.
  3. Bromelain is a natural and harmless component in some fat burners. It is produced on the basis of extracts from pineapple. If you need to determine what the most effective fat burner for women, many will answer that it is bromelain. It is the most harmless and quite effective for weight loss. It speeds up the metabolism process in the body, helps in digestion of food, in the proper utilization of protein, thereby preventing the appearance of fat accumulation.
  4. Guarana is a natural caffeine does not cause excitation of the nervous system, but only enabling. This substance has a positive effect on energy metabolism in the body, which leads to burning fat.
  5. L-carnitine is a component that reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, which leads to burning fat.

Indications for use of fat burners

Fat burners for women may be ineffective if you do not make adjustments in diet and is not sufficient physical activity. Indications should be of complex character, which takes into account the type and amount of fat burners, diet, workout in a gym.


Sports nutrition for women should be used in the absence of severe chronic diseases, which include heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, liver disease and kidney. Supplementation for fat loss can lead to severe disease form.

In a completely healthy person can also be allergic reaction to components of a specific preparation. In this case you should stop taking it and replace the others.

Many fat burners include caffeine, therefore counter their evening reception.

Side effects

Sometimes taking certain kinds of fat burners can cause side reactions, manifested by skin rash, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, palpitations and other reactions. In these cases, you should not take the drug. You need to take a little break and re-test. If the reaction persists, the range of fat burners need to be replaced.

Possible adverse reaction occurred when combined fat loss with some food, a drink or after a hard workout in a gym. In other circumstances there will be similar reactions, and the drug can be resumed.

how to use fat burner

Instructions for use of the sports fat burners for women

Subject to certain rules of the sports fat burners for women will give effective results. The main ones are:

  • you need to carefully study the user manual of the selected drug to know its composition, terms of acceptance, the existence of possible adverse events;
  • strictly adhere to the deadline of the complex, which burns fat. It usually does not exceed three months and requires a mandatory two-week break;
  • taking vitamin complexes;
  • the obligatory presence of a physical exercise while taking the fat burners.

Drugs to fat burning

Pharmaceutical preparations with the fat burning effect are developed and manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. Often excess weight and fat accumulation in the body are manifestations of various diseases. Obesity, like other diseases, should be treated using medicines.

Fat burning drugs aimed at the normalization of metabolism, excretion of excess fluid from the body, the balance of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Such drugs are prescribed concurrently with other drugs for the maximum effect. Drugs are not accepted on a permanent basis.

Sports nutrition as a powerful fat burner for women

Some manufacturers of sports nutrition has developed special fat burning drugs for women. They take into account all the peculiarities of metabolism in the female body. The most problematic places of the body where excess fat are the stomach, thighs and chest. These places are aimed effects of fat burners for women.

World leaders in the production of dietary supplements for athletes do not share your medicines on men's and women's. They are all primarily aimed at burning fat and building muscle relief. These drugs are quite effective and are used by athletes.

Natural fat burners for women

The most safe for the female body are natural fat burners. Such substances are composed of many fruits, berries, vegetables and other foods. The greatest number of substances that burn fat contained in the grapefruit, pineapple, raspberries, green tea, beef liver, dairy products and seaweed. Before you start taking artificial drugs to burn fat, you need to include in your diet these products. Along with active exercise, a special diet will give effective results.

Synthetic fat burners have side effects. Their reception should be started if other methods have failed.

drinks at home

Drinks for weight loss at home

Good fat burners for weight loss women at home – brewed coffee and green tea. They contain caffeine, a natural energy component aimed at reducing adipose tissue. In addition, these drinks have diuretic properties, removing excess fluid from the body.

Water is also a tool that can burn fat. Sufficient water consumption during the day will reduce the fatty subcutaneous tissue. Certain rules apply to the use of liquids to get the maximum effect. The first glass of water you need to drink on an empty stomach, immediately after waking up. You should not wash down the food, and you can drink at least half an hour before eating and no sooner than an hour after. The evening should not drink later than 2 hours before bedtime to avoid morning puffiness. Any drinks should be drunk without using sugar and milk.

One of the drinks for weight loss is a special fat burning tea. It can be prepared at home or buy the ready mix. As domestic beverages used cocktails of lemon, lime and cucumber, and tincture of ginger, lemon and honey drinks, tea with spices. Ready teas contain components to speed up metabolism, increase sweating, improvement of energy metabolism.

Results women

Results women who use drugs to burn fat, say that they all have a quite effective effect. Complexes of sports nutrition, supplements and medicines begin to act immediately, the body felt a surge of energy, increased sweating. Weight begins to decline. The downside of these drugs is the presence of side effects, the short-term use.

The use of natural substances, natural products containing fat burners less effective. This weight loss takes longer but is more secure. In any case, you need to adhere to a healthy lifestyle, eat right, exercise.