A diet is the most

Each of the fairer sex knows what a diet is. It is very hard work to refuse what madly want; lose weight, lose pounds in a kilogram, to enjoy the results, and then suddenly again to return.

It's a shame when all he was striving for a whole year gone down the drain because it was incorrectly selected diet. What is the most effective diet for weight loss? Diets a whole lot, but it is unrealistic to try each for yourself.

Let's consider the most effective options.

best diet

The best diet

Diet is a way of regime power and one of the most effective ways to monitor the appearance, figure and health.

All interested in more of the diet that help to quickly and effectively lose weight, but you need to understand what criteria should adhere to when choosing.

Try to use the following guidelines to make the right choices for prompt, proper and effective weight loss:

  • It is important to choose not only rapid, but healthy weight loss, during which your vitamin a day will not be limited, and the body does not feel stress due to the rapid loss of the necessary substances and elements.
  • If you can't handle a strict diet, do not force yourself, then this is not for you, choose a more gentle diet.
  • The basic principle of all diets is calorie counting and strict maintenance of the daily maximum you can afford in food (it needs to be not less than 1200 kcal).

Remember that every body is different and processes in the individual, so the self is very difficult to figure out which diet will suit you from all available diversity. Consider also the state of his health.

Contact your dietitian, who will professionally help you choose the perfect way of eating.

But so that you have plenty to choose from, check the list of popular dietary rations of the world and choose for yourself the most effective diet for weight loss.

The extravagant title, this system has gained popularity on the Hollywood star factory. Its main ingredient is seafood. You need to give up bread and carefully monitor the amount of consumed fats, carbohydrates, sugar, salt.

Stars lose with this diet on the average 7 kg. Foods that should be consumed, according to the Hollywood diet, it is more eggs, fish, white meat, fruits and vegetables with low carbohydrate.

Here are some rules for this diet:

  1. Breakfast is not provided, the only thing you can afford is one Cup of coffee/tea or eat a half of grapefruit.
  2. A method of food processing – steam, boiled, roasting.
  3. Food is traditionally distributed on 5-6 approaches.
  4. Abundantly drink water (2 liters daily).

Protein – minus 20 kg

This is the most effective diet for weight loss for those who are completely indifferent to sweets, and tend more to meat products. The system is based on the consumption of proteins (i.e.

it's more meat dishes): the principle is based on food protein products that successfully satisfy hunger. And this diet is in high demand among athletes as effective in building muscle mass.

The basic rules to be followed during the protein diet:

  1. One portion always consists of a protein plus food product with a high content of nutrients.
  2. Observed smaller meals and small portion meals.
  3. Eat Breakfast an hour after waking, and supper for a couple of hours before bedtime.
  4. Only in the first half of the day allowed to eat any savoury citrus fruit.
  5. Traditionally – drink plenty of liquids.
  6. To comply with such a diet is allowed a maximum of two weeks per year (harmful a long time to go without carbs and fat).
separate meals

A separate food – minus 30 pounds in 90 days

Separation of power provides for a special mode, in which you strictly follow the products and use them as food, not combining one with the other. Allowed to eat almost everything, under one condition: the products must be compatible with each other, or the interval of their admission should not be less than two hours. Follow these rules of nutrition to keep this diet:

  • Different types of proteins can not be used together.
  • Do not mix in the diet of fats and proteins.
  • Acidic fruits are not recommended to eat high protein food.
  • Products that did nothing to reconcile the impossible: milk, tomatoes, watermelon, pear, melon.

The majority of women in selecting the optimal diet for yourself guided by the amount of positive feedback for one mode or the other diet.

There are diets that help almost universal and absolute number of people to achieve a perfect result.

The effect will be quick and impressive, however, this view grossly insufficient diet and refers to strict diet, to withstand which not every. Consider the diet plans best in weight loss, according to reviews.

Kefir – lose weight in 3 days

The peculiarity of this system is a strict diet according to a specific time (every meal – time for use). And the main product that is present the entire length of the diet is the yogurt.

Efficiency depends on what is your original weight: the higher – the greater the number of kilograms you will have to leave.

Check out this sample menu for three days, which you can use in your diet on the diet (monotonous diet every day, spacing each meal – 2 hours):

  1. Waking up at 7 in the morning, drink one green tea without sugar (use sweetener).
  2. Prepare a tasty carrot salad: two carrots grated one teaspoon of olive oil.
  3. One Apple, wash down with a glass of one percent yogurt.
  4. For lunch, prepare boiled beef (100 grams), you can substitute white meat chicken or Turkey without skin.
  5. One unsweetened Apple.
  6. Prunes (10 pieces).
  7. The last meal at seven o'clock, he is limited to one glass of low-fat yogurt.

Buckwheat – minus 10 kg per week

Refers to very strict diets, its essence lies in the eating of the main product – the buckwheat, which is prepared in the evening: pour hot water and wait.

Poor variety of products is the use of yogurt or green tea. But the reviews refer it to one of the most effective and useful systems diet regime.

Important conditions that must be observed in nutrition:

  1. Allowed to eat 5 hours before bedtime.
  2. If very much you want to eat in the evening or you suffer from constipation, one hour before sleep you can allow yourself one Cup of nonfat yogurt.
  3. An important condition for the preparation of buckwheat: steaming.
  4. Another product that can afford weaker consistency green tea.

Menu every day:

  • Half an hour before Breakfast, prepare and drink a glass of warm water, adding a teaspoon of honey and a few lemon wedges.
  • Actually Breakfast should consist of small portions of buckwheat and green tea unsweetened.
  • Lunch same as Breakfast.
  • Dinner – the same.
  • Always remember about the water, at least 2 liters a day.
diet breakdown

How to prevent failure of the diet?

The most common cause of failure with diets becoming the inability to overcome the haunting feeling of hunger, resulting from restriction of caloric intake and changing dietary habits.

In order to reduce appetite and to avoid breakdowns, doctors recommend the use of drugs that act directly on the hunger center in the brain and reduces appetite.

Fasting days for weight loss at home

At the end of a protracted holidays, all need fasting days in the diet not only to control weight but also to restore the loaded digestive system, bring order to your health.

Some use this type of diet regularly (once a week/month) in order to prevent the emergence of extra pounds and minimize risks to get better.

About the effectiveness of fasting days for weight loss see the video:

Simple and effective diet for weight loss after delivery

The status of women after childbirth in itself requires diet, not even for the purpose to become more slender and nursing mother not to hurt her baby what she eats.

Therefore, the diet is most diet, which categorically prohibits fatty foods, fried, all kinds of sweets, more vegetables, almost all types of fruits.

All the food steamed, stewed or boiled in a pinch, baked in the oven. A few rules when diet for weight loss belly poslerodovm:

  • Sweets and all kinds of test eliminate from your diet.
  • Meals should be modest in portions, but often.
  • Four hours before bedtime make the last meal.
  • Low-fat meat products must be present in your food is required, as well as other nutrients, is urgently needed you during this period (vitamins).
  • Eliminate salted, smoked, spicy, spicy foods.

Menu fasting days, based on protein products:

  1. The whole day spread a pound of nonfat cottage cheese.
  2. For dinner, boil a pound of the white meat without adding salt or fish.
  3. For dinner, eat boiled eggs (two pieces) plus daily intake of hard cheese – 300 grams.
  4. During the day, drink one liter of low-fat sour milk, yogurt.

Unloading diet, food which is based on the use of carbohydrates. It involves the ingestion of raw fruits or vegetables up to a kilogram (not grapes and a banana). For variety you can bake yourself apples. Complement meals with a small amount of low fat sour cream or olive oil. Use the following menu in your diet:

  1. Distribute during the day one liter of low-fat yogurt, for Breakfast – 200 grams of bran.
  2. During the day eat a total of one kilogram of boiled potatoes.
  3. Take 150 grams of boiled rice, dividing it into three portions, eat for Breakfast with cinnamon, for lunch with grated Apple, and for dinner with carrots or sweet peppers.
  4. Follow a strict regime of eating.

Best diets for quick weight loss at home

easy diet

Easy diet for weight loss – the dream of millions of women. Many dream to lose weight not just easy, but also very fast, up to 10 pounds in a week and even more.

The desire is understandable but not entirely logical. After all, the man is gaining weight in a short period of time. There are many diets for quick weight loss, is familiar with the most popular options.

But before you go on a rapid diet is to understand, based on what one or the other system. In addition, nutritionists do not recommend to use these systems regularly.

How to lose weight with fast diets correctly

Under the rapid weight loss often means rapid weight loss in the short term. It should be understood that the weight is changing rapidly due to the following factors:

  1. The disturbance of the water balance. The body is composed of 60 percent water. A weight reduction of more than 1 kilo a week shows a loss of body water and not body fat;
  2. Bowel movement. It is obvious that in the intestine in large numbers there are remnants of undigested food, their weight can reach 10 kg. A diet aimed at cleansing the intestines, helps to eliminate toxins, and thereby achieve quick weight loss.

Body fat loss happens very slowly. Therefore, fast diet, usually do not give a noticeable result in weight loss. After the restoration of water balance and content of the bowel weight back again.

It is important not only to lose weight quickly but safely. To do this properly follow all the rules for fast diets.

  1. Coordination with a specialist. Completely healthy people no, not everyone knows about their health problems. Before you start to adhere to one or another of the power system should be checked by a doctor to consult with a nutritionist, to discuss with him the main points of the diet.
  2. In most cases a quick result of mono in their observance experts recommend taking a multivitamin. This will allow the body with limited power to obtain all the minerals and nutrients.
  3. High efficiency show diet combined with physical activity. Not necessarily to rush to gyms and health clubs, especially because not everyone has such opportunities. Enough to give up Elevator and climb the stairs on foot and travel by public transport to work to replace Hiking.
  4. An important point is the right diet. Not to cause harm to the body, to return to a normal diet is gradually. It will not allow the departed to return kilograms. Advisable to stick with a balanced diet and follow the rules of eating.

Most quick diets have one thing in common – a significant reduction in caloric intake. This leads to muscle loss because the body takes energy from muscles.

The lack of salt in many diets cause temporary dehydration. These problems are sinning diet without salt. To preserve muscle during weight loss, should consume plenty of protein. A moderate amount of salt to solve the problem of dehydration.

Whatever your chosen diet, if you carefully weigh and consider consult with a nutritionist and your doctor, that method you will prefer, will be your diet the very best and will give you the result you expect from it!