How to run to lose weight

For weight loss Jogging involved many women and men all over the world. One of these are helpful to control weight and look slim and toned. And others after several weeks of classes disappointed, because do not see results from training. How to run so fast and beautiful to lose weight? There are several techniques to effectively get rid of extra pounds with the help of regular Jogging. Consider some of the ways that can help to lose weight quickly.


The right running has a healing effect on the body, because it enriches the blood with oxygen, strengthens the heart and blood vessels, makes bones stronger, increases life capacity of lungs. While Jogging in breathing, heartbeat, speed up metabolism and burn fat. This sport helps to lose weight, make a figure slim and graceful due to the uniform distribution of load on all muscles.

What common mistakes do girls doing Jogging for weight loss? If you jog for 15 minutes, this does not affect your weight, although a positive impact on overall health. Daily short runs to 20 minutes will not make you skinnier or help you lose weight. To understand how much you need to properly run for getting rid of extra pounds, it is necessary to understand the processes occurring in the body with this type of load.

During easy running at low speed (Jogging) muscles get energy from glycogen – sugar stored in the liver. 30-40 minutes of active training he consumed. If classes after this period of time to stop, then during Breakfast the lost glycogen will be replenished and weight is reduced. How much time have to run to start the fat burning process? Experts recommend for weight loss to spend on a run from 50 to 1 hour 15 min.

In this period of time the body is blood flow to body fat, so they increased the oxygen concentration and actively splits the fat. This process is expressed outwardly in the fact that the person feels tired and his breathing becomes heavier. However, after some time due to the fact that the refractory fats and slowly digested, the body begins to take energy from protein (muscle mass).

This process begins after 1 hour 15 minutes of Jogging, therefore, over this time the training didn't fit in. So, for the active weight loss must Jogging for 1 hour. During this time, a person weighing 70 kg will spend 700-750 kcal. There is a pattern: the more weight a person has, the more energy (calories) it burns while running. How often to run? Good effect for weight loss give workout a day according to the following scheme.


The best time to run: morning or evening

What time of day is best to jog? Sure, scientists can't tell when it is better to run to lose weight in the morning or evening. Some of them claim that in the beginning of the day after waking up, the body is still not awakened, so the blood thick bole compared to other times of day. Because of this, during the run this morning the heart is experiencing a serious load, which can adversely affect its condition and lead to poor health.

For these reasons, other researchers say that is harmful, not the studies themselves early in the day, and the excessive load. They recommend to properly prepare for the run: take a contrast shower, a little snack (vegetable salad and juice), do a warm-up for 3-5 minutes. To reduce the concentration of blood in the body, before exercise should drink a glass of warm boiled water.

If you run in the mornings on an empty stomach, the body will be able to lose weight, because it will be harder to lose extra pounds than evening workouts. How to get rid of excess weight, running in the evenings? Arguments in favor of running in the morning slimming has more. However, if circumstances do not allow to exercise in the morning then the evening run will help to lose weight, but the process will go slower. An easy run can be done even 1 hour before bedtime.

But intense training is better to start not later than 2-3 hours before a night's rest. The observance of these intervals will help the body to cope with stress from physical exertion before going to sleep. Jogging in the evening has one big disadvantage – while Jogging destroyed are not fat, and carbohydrates that accumulated during the day.

How to run to lose weight in stomach and legs

If you have not played sports and decided to run to lose weight, start with small loads. First practice for 10-20 minutes a day, running at an average speed. But even if this burden is causing you strong fatigue, go on to walking. Beginning to run, gradually increase the training duration, bringing it to 40-60 minutes.

Wrong will all the time run at max speed because it has a negative impact on your health. To feel comfortable, choose comfortable shoes and clothing for training. Mainly used for weight loss Jogging for one hour or with alternating intensity. Before training and after the measure pulse. To run normal rate of beats per second is 120-130. Consider how to properly train in these two cases.

Interval running

Interval running

Special running technique with alternating loads will help to lose weight people who do not have spare time for sports training. During interval training the lungs and heart are experiencing heavy load, so for smokers and patients with cardiovascular diseases, this method of getting rid of extra pounds will not fit.

Alternating running with maximum load and rest period starts in the human body the processes that lead to weight loss. After 20-30 minutes of Jogging alternating loads, there is an active fat burning. This process, according to some, continues after training, another 6 hours, even if just to walk or relax. Cycle interval training consists of 4 stages:

  • the first 100 m of fast walking (warm up the muscles, increases blood flow);
  • second 100 metres – Jogging (it helps to set the breathing);
  • the third 100 m – running to the limit;
  • Jogging and restoring breathing.

The cycle time is repeated several times. At this time in the body there are powerful processes for splitting fats. The sprint takes a lot of energy, which is extracted by the body from glycogen. And the transition to walking, the disadvantage of this material is replenished at the expense of body fat. When running at maximum capacity, the blood in larger quantities rushes to the muscles, that causes fat oxidation and energy release.

Breathing while running


If you decide to lose weight, Jogging, start training with a slow walk and gradually move to running. During the first 2 minutes go at a quick pace. Then do lunges to slightly pull the leg muscles. Next do squats 5-20 times, jump on the spot. Bend and pull your fingers socks, but do not bend the knees.

In this position stay for 3-4 seconds and straighten up. Repeat this exercise. Then slowly start to run for 3 to 5 minutes, gradually accelerating. Ensure that while running, the foot is fully lifted off the ground and you're not running on tiptoes, because it is harmful. During the race do not slouch, do not lean forward.

How to breathe properly during a workout

During running, the body less tired and filled with oxygen to breathe correctly nose. In the case of breathing through the mouth constantly will want to drink from a drying of the oral cavity. Breath in and out while running, the right thing to do is long, but hold your breath, not worth it. Drinking on the run can only clean water or specially formulated drinks to exercise. Use fluid recommended infrequently, in small SIPS.