10 most effective exercises for slimming thighs at home

If you have decided to lose weight and get a slim silhouette and taut thighs, the best method is to perform special exercises and rational, balanced diet.

But a good addition that will help to bring your dream to reality, would be to use additional methods. Massage, different wraps — these methods there is a great variety! But the first step to start doing it with exercise. We offer you a ranking of the 10 most effective exercises for slimming thighs at home.

Squats sumo

Top 10 exercises for thighs at home

All of the following the movement perfectly working on the area of the hips, contribute to the shaping of slender legs and burn fat, but we sorted them by efficiency. After our last TOP 10 best exercises for buttocks got good feedback from readers, we decided to compile the same for the hips. But, since most of loads are basic, it is not surprising that many of them overlap. So there you go.

Squats sumo

Squats are the best exercises for slimming thighs at home. They are well work the inner thighs and buttocks.

About 7 kinds of different squats and the difference between them see here.

  1. Back straight, legs apart wider pelvis, hands with dumbbells along the body disposable.
  2. Attach the pelvis and slowly sit down before the formation lap straight angle.
  3. Stand up straightening the knees. During the exercise, watching the posture, the head is not lowered.

On average, you need to perform fifteen repetitions with multiple approaches. Squat with dumbbells, start with minimal weight.

Lunges toward

Working on inner and outer thighs and buttocks. Forming a beautiful relief of the legs.

There are as many as 7 different types of attacks — find out how they differ.

  1. Stand with legs wider than shoulder width, arms bent at the elbows and placed on the belt.
  2. Step aside with your right foot, bending it at the knee. The weight of the body falls on the right leg and the left leg is the support.
  3. Control posture, chin raised, only works lower body. Do a lunge on the left leg.

Perform two to three sets of fifteen times.

Romanian deadlift with dumbbells

Working on the buttocks and the thighs. Remove excess fat, give slim hips.

  1. Stand upright, knees slightly bent.
  2. Bending your knees to a right angle, sit down. Hands with dumbbells move around the front of the thigh to mid-Shin and back, before reaching the stop.

Perform two to three sets of twelve or fifteen times. Start with small weights.

Leg swings standing

Leg swings standing

Working on glutes and muscles of the front and inner thigh. Rid of fat thighs and buttocks strengthen, make more slender legs. For inflating and expanding of the hips use the weights.

There are 4 different types of swings, designed for the elaboration of different sides of the thigh.

  1. Stand straight, hand holding support.
  2. Attach a straight leg to the side, making the swing with the maximum amplitude.
  3. Watching the posture, back straight throughout the exercise, the body does not tilt, only works the leg.

On each leg do twelve repetitions, number of sets from two to five.

Exercise "the Chair" (static)

"The chair," despite its apparent simplicity, helps burn calories and exercise is great for rounding hips and buttocks.

  1. Stand with your back to the wall and move away from it by half a step.
  2. Leaning back, beginning to down on an imaginary chair. And in the hip and knee joints needs to be right angles approximately the same, when we sit on the chair.
  3. Hands drop down or crossed on the chest.
  4. Held this position as long as we can – one or two minutes.

The optimal number of repetitions to "create" perfect thighs, from two to five times.

Reverse Hyperextension

Work the abdominals, back, thighs, buttocks.

  1. To perform the exercise you will need two stools or two chairs that need to be put together. Importantly, the design was stable. Lie on her stomach so that placed the body from the hip joints to the shoulder joints.
  2. Feet are on the floor, resting your feet on the floor. Hands comfortable position under the breast.
  3. On the exhale raise the legs in the same line with the body and the inhale — omit.

Repeat eight to ten times.


Work the abdominals, back, hips. Exercise contributes to the formation of the slender lines of the thigh and removes the ears (wings) at the hips. "Scissors" is not the only exercise that eliminates "ears" on the hips.

  1. Lie on the floor, hands parallel to the body, lower back pressed to the floor.
  2. Tear off straight legs from the floor at a slight angle. Perfect if your feet will be as close as possible to the floor, but not touching it.
  3. The running movement of the legs as if sailing. Your knees to bend the impossible. You can imagine also that the movements resemble the movement of the blades of scissors – one leg approaches the floor, the other is removed from it.
  4. Amplitude of motion is small, the load on thigh high.

Repeat ten times.


Platform is a gymnastic bench. Exercise it helps to keep muscle tone and burn calories. Loaded front, inner and back thighs, and buttocks.

  1. Take the dumbbells in hand and take a step onto the platform with the left foot. She should stand on the platform, forming a right angle.
  2. Straighten your leg at the knee and raise the platform with both feet. Linger for a second and falls to the floor.
  3. Performed a predetermined number of steps first for the left foot, and then the same for the right.
  4. Tempo run average, control balance.
Selegiline on the platform

The number of exercises to pull your hips – ten – twelve with multiple approaches.

Attacks with jumping

Exercise really burns up calories, strengthens the muscles of the thigh and lower leg. The intensity of this exercise will help to reduce the size of the thighs and make legs look smaller and thinner. Such attacks perfectly to take the fat between your legs, allowing you to achieve clearance.

  1. Stand straight, make the right leg a step forward and placed her weight of the body.
  2. The right leg should be bent at a right angle, the knee of the left leg is almost parallel to the floor. Maintain posture with a straight back and detailed shoulders.
  3. Rely on the right foot, hop up and down the same place. During the jump you can help yourself with a wave of his hands.
  4. The following attack is performed on the left leg.

The number of attacks for the formation of hip – to twelve with several approaches.

Squat "pistol"

The muscles of the legs work with the greatest load. Heavy load in the squat is experiencing knee joint. Exercise refers to a high level of complexity and is available for those who have good physical preparation.

  1. Perform squats on one leg and the other pulling forward. Exercise develops coordination (in the initial stages, you can stick one hand on the bench).
  2. Then repeat "pistol" for the other foot.

Exercise really burns up calories and works out the muscles of the legs. The number of exercises for the hips – ten or twelve.

5 proven training complexes

What you need to do to lost weight hips, in addition to the individual exercises? There are entire training complexes, the use of which can show excellent results in slimming of the whole body and of the thighs in particular. Present to you the top 5 most effective programs.


Bodyflex — great exercise for the thighs and buttocks. Exercises are a combination of breathing exercises with the performance of certain exercises.

Breathing exercises, or so-called diaphragmatic breathing, which is the active saturation of the body with oxygen, promotes the renewal of body cells.

It occurs when holding the breath, after which there is a sharp and quick breath.

The purpose of bodyflex is a weight loss, strengthening muscles and improving the General condition of the body. How to remove the hips and thighs, or at least reduce it? Those who are constantly practicing bodyflex, as a rule, never suffer from excess weight.


Is a stretching exercises, which helps to remove the thighs, improve overall health, physical fitness, and prevent pain in the spine and joints.

This kind of fitness is used as independent practice, as well as the complex exercise.

Stretching helps improve the elasticity of muscles and ligaments, contributes to the preparation for athletic activity. So all the exercises, it is always recommended to start with stretching.

Doing stretching can improve the condition of the nervous system to relieve psychological stress. This type of fitness promotes the formation of beautiful hips, slender figure and perfect posture.



Is a special complex of physical and respiratory exercises to improve body flexibility, strengthen the muscles and ligaments, coordination development. Practicing this form of fitness help to relieve muscle tension, improve sleep.

Pilates has no age limit, they can engage people of any age and both men and women.

There is a special set of exercises during pregnancy, which has a beneficial effect on health and mood women and prepares the body for childbirth.


There are certain models of female figures with their forms, and they selected certain exercises. Doing special exercises, you can improve the parameters of any particular shape, and to bring them to standard.

The shaping is perfect for a study area of the thighs and getting rid of extra pounds, giving a slim waist. The exercises are suitable for wide thighs and burning excess amount of muscle.

The complex is made individually for each woman and intended to make a figure proportional.


Is a form of fitness and is the different types of load on different muscle groups, including hips, running at a high pace. The main goal is to develop excellent physical shape.

Crossfit can be a variety of exercises, agility, classes at the gym, weight training, gymnastics. It depends on the training program, compiled on data day. The next day is another kind of program.

Feature crossfit is a small, but very intense workout time. This type of training develops physical fitness, reaction speed, endurance, logical thinking in unusual situations.

How to remove fat from hips — 6 effective methods and tips

Only one physical activity can achieve a good result. However, burn fat fast and strengthen the result, a comprehensive approach is necessary. How to lose weight in thighs at home, in addition to physical activity? In the end, we are introducing 6 more effective methods of weight loss, including the thighs.

Special diet for hips

Restricted diets – the first thing you need to pay attention if you need to lose weight poles. The principles of diet therapy are to reduce body weight by reducing caloric content of consumed products used in the diet of healthy foods.

Nutritionists do not recommend the use of a rigid diet, because after their application the weight back again.

The most reasonable is a reduced calorie diet and to replace foods high in calories to low-calorie products. In this way you will be able to lose and burn fat and achieve lean hips.

Important is the exclusion from the consumption of fried foods, as they double the calorie content of any dish.

Please note! A prerequisite of losing weight is the use of simple clean water in addition to any other drinks.

Breathing exercises for weight loss

There are a variety of directions and types of breathing exercises. They help to get rid of fat on the thighs and in the abdomen, to stabilize weight, promote active breakdown of fat cells, strengthen the immune system, improve mood, give liveliness of body and spirit. Their aim is not only weight loss but also health promotion.


No wonder many it practices breathing exercises given to such an important place. Part of the breathing exercises involved in virtually all the exercises that we perform: "exhale stress, inhale relaxation".

Breathing exercises recommended for weight loss in conjunction with any form of exercise: swimming, fitness. You must use and the principles of good nutrition.

Workout on cardio equipment

Cardio training helps strengthen muscles, burn fat in the thighs, increase endurance, and train the cardiovascular and respiratory system.

You can choose any trainer, any of the greatest is for you, try to practice on it. A Stairmaster or treadmill, elliptical trainer or exercise bike – the choice is yours!

How to remove fat from the thighs? Practice at home for at least 30-40 minutes a day. If you several times a week will train on any of them, then say goodbye to excess weight and strengthen the muscles of the thighs after a few months of training.

Workout outdoors

Involves a combination of different types of physical activity – walking, running, steeplechase, long jump, different types of exercises in the open air.

Running wonderfully helps to fight skin imperfections in the hips, it has no cost and a large amount of time.

Such exercises are generally very useful for the body – boost the immune system, develop endurance, promote weight loss, improve metabolism.

Increasing their physical activity, the person becomes slimmer, the muscles in the hips tightened, and change temperature regimes strengthens and hardens the body. Sports doctors recommend to combine training in the gym or at home workouts outdoors.