Effective exercises for slimming the abdomen and sides

how to remove the stomach and sides with exercise

A lot of women want to lose those extra pounds on their stomach and sides. Such an annoying defect does not allow wearing tight-fitting clothes: no dress will look spectacular when fat folds are noticeable under it. What exercise should you do to remove the belly and sides?

General recommendations

In order for physical exercises to slim the abdomen and sides to be effective, you need to carefully prepare for their implementation:

  • Start gradually: do not try to get rid of the sides and abdomen in one day, you are unlikely to succeed, but it is quite possible to damage the muscles. Exercise as much as you can in the beginning. When the body adapts to physical activity, then increase the number of approaches.
  • All sets of exercises are performed in a ventilated area: turn on the air conditioner or open a window.
  • Clothing must be spacious: it must not squeeze the body or hinder your movements. Moreover, it must be sewn from natural materials. If you use a synthetic suit, the skin will not "breathe", which will bring significant discomfort.

Security Measures

If you start to feel unwell, for example, you feel tinnitus or dizzy, stop doing the exercises right away. These symptoms can be caused by increased blood pressure due to heavy exertion, in which case it is dangerous to continue exercising. Relax, drink some water, and lie down.

To achieve the desired effect, you need to regularly do lateral slimming exercises at home: if you do the exercises once a week, you will not notice any result. It is best to do at least three times a week: if you are not too lazy, then very soon you will see that the extra pounds begin to disappear, and the waist becomes thinner. So, what are the best exercises for losing weight on the abdomen and sides?

The most effective abdominal and side exercises


If you devote little time to training or for the first time started to pump the press, then do as much as you can.

At home, it is best to pump the abs in this way:

  • Secure your feet by tucking them under a sofa or chair;
  • Bend your knees slightly, place your hands behind your head;
  • Start lifting your core while contracting your abs.

Start small, increasing the number of lifts over time. In this case, in no case should you reach for your knees with your head: this way, you will overextend your neck. Do not "throw out" your hands, they must be strictly held behind your head. Naturally, if you stretch your arms forward, then the exercise will be easier to perform, but in this case, not the abdominal muscles will start to work, but the shoulder girdle and back.

Leg Raises

how to lose weight through exercise

This weight loss exercise is similar to the previous one. Only in this case, you need to raise straight legs, not the body.

Lie on the floor, gripping the bottom edge of the sofa or armchair, and fix the body. Begin to lift straight legs: there should be a right angle between the body and the hips. You do not need to lower your legs: there must be a distance of 4–5 cm between the floor and the heels. This exercise must be performed quite dynamically.

At the same time, do not forget to breathe correctly: you need to raise your legs as you exhale, and lower them as you inhale. This will help you feel less breathless and less tired. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.

Combination of trunk and leg lifts

If you perform the above two exercises quite confidently, then you can start doing them in combination: this will help to work out the muscles of the upper and lower press well. To complete this exercise, you need to do this:

  • Do 25 leg raises;
  • Raise the body 25 times without interruption.

This is one approach. In general, you need to complete 4 approaches. To catch your breath, you need to rest between sets for 1-2 minutes.

This exercise will help you lose even more weight if you use weights for your arms and legs. You can buy these weights at every sports store.

Oblique Training

training oblique muscles for slimming the abdomen and sides

This exercise works the obliques on the abdomen and loosen the sides. Lie on one side, bend your lower leg at the knee. The hand on top should be placed under the head. Turn your face forward and begin the torso bend.

This exercise should be done twenty five to thirty times, lying first on the left side, and then on the right.

Recommendation:In order not to get so tired during the exercises and to enjoy them, do your workouts with dynamic music that you like. This will allow you to tune in to a positive mood.

Variation of oblique abdominal muscles training

This exercise has the same effect as above. It is done this way:

  • Lie in the same starting position;
  • Spread your knees fifteen to twenty centimeters apart;
  • Put your hands behind your head and begin to raise your body, turning so that with each lift your left elbow stretches to your right knee and then vice versa: from your right hand to your left knee. You need to twist a little with each lift of the torso, this will force the intercostal and oblique muscles to work.

Recommendation:When doing this exercise, be careful to make sure that the oblique abdominal muscles start to work. Some twist at the last moment and include the abdominal muscles like that.

Tuck in the abdomen

A well-known doctor has developed a whole range of exercises to strengthen muscles, among them are exercises to lose weight in the abdomen.

abdominal retraction exercise for weight loss

Lie on the floor with your knees bent. Place the palm of one hand on your stomach. Press your soles and back to the floor. Inhale the air with the press so that the palm rises simultaneously with the stomach. Hold your breath for a short time. Exhale slowly, trying to draw in your stomach as deeply as possible, as if completely trying to remove all the air from it. This exercise is done 25 times.

Some women report that they experience slight cramps in their calves during the exercise. This is a normal state: you need to stretch your legs and return to continuing your workout.

Hula Hoop

When you decided to get rid of the sides and belly, remember your childhood! The hoop can help make the belly elastic and flat, and the waist thin. You can twist a simple hoop or purchase a special hula-hoop that is weighted with sand.

When you use the hoop for 20 minutes a day, twisting it first one way and then the other, you will see the result in just a few weeks. But such an inexpensive home exercise machine has one significant drawback. At first, bruises will appear on the skin, which will be very painful. This is especially true for girls whose blood vessels are close to the skin. But after a while the body adapts to this and the bruises will disappear, so you shouldn't stop.

If you want to "kill two birds with one stone", before twisting the hoop, you can apply baby oil or tightening cream to your waist. This will tighten your skin and get a pleasant massage.

You should never do exercises with a weighted hoop when you suffer from some kind of gynecological diseases!

Suggestion:Hula hoop is a good way to warm up before doing other exercises. Start your workout by rotating the hoop.

Callanetics for the press

This is a very unusual form of gymnastics. Callanetics includes only calm and smooth movements: no dynamics and jerks. However, regularly doing such simple actions, you will be able to remove the sides and stomach. Exercises are done statically: you need to take the required pose and linger in it for a couple of seconds.

Callanetics for the press offers the following exercises:

  • Sit on the floor with your legs as wide as possible. Bend one leg, bend the other as low as you can. Hold this for one minute;
  • Lie on your back with straight legs up. Grasp your hips with your hands, lift your head and shoulders, trying to reach your knees. Raise your arms up, release your hips and hold that way for one minute;
  • Twists. Lie on the floor with your hands behind your head, bend your knees and lift your legs up. Raise your shoulders and head, trying to get as close to your knees as possible. Hold in this position for one minute.

Recommendation:Callanetics exercises only seem very easy, but already in the first minutes the muscles start to burn. Warm up well before doing the exercises so as not to injure yourself.

Do only those techniques that do not give you discomfort: according to the philosophy of the developers of calanetics, training will be effective only if it brings you joy and pleasure.


Plank is a very effective exercise for losing weight at home. It's very easy to do this:

  • Lie on your stomach;
  • Rise on your hands, placing your elbows under your shoulders;
  • Freeze in this position.

You must hold out for at least one minute. You can start from 40-45 seconds. It is enough to perform 3 approaches once a day. When doing the plank, the muscles begin to tremble and burn: do not be afraid, this is quite normal.

When you are already quite well adapted to the plank, and it is easy for you to hold in this position, then begin to align your arms: the palms must be under the shoulders. In order to complicate the exercise, raise your legs and arms in turn, trying to fix in this position for as long as possible.

The plank loads the spinal column quite heavily, so this exercise should be abandoned for women suffering from back pain.

Recommendation:When doing the plank, you need to focus on your inner feelings. Feel how the abdominal muscles begin to work, try not to arch your back. When the plank is very difficult for you, then for a start, do not lift your knees off the floor.


To some it may seem that the rope does not in any way affect the presence of the abdomen and sides. But this is absolutely not the case. The jump rope is one of the most effective home cardiovascular equipment. Jumping will make your breathing quicken quickly, a large amount of oxygen will begin to pass through the tissue, thanks to which fat will be burned. Don't forget: abdominal exercises without cardio workouts will not give any visible results, since your thin waist will "hide" behind the fat layer.

rope exercises for slimming the abdomen and sides

The jump rope activates the respiratory system pretty quickly. You need to start with 50 jumps daily, increasing their number over time. After a few months, you will be able to jump non-stop for 10-15 minutes. Your home workout should start with cardio workout, and you should end it with it. In doing so, the rope will help tighten your glutes and shape your calf muscles.

But the rope has contraindications:

  • Pathology of the musculoskeletal system;
  • Bronchial asthma;
  • Diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular system.

Be careful:during rope exercises, the spine is subject to quite serious stress, therefore, if you feel pain symptoms, then the rope is not for you! Before jumping, you need to do a few squats to warm up.

Recommendation:You should only jump with your shoes on, best of all, sports shoes. Otherwise, you can not only injure your feet, but also inflict a rather painful blow on yourself.

Don't forget that it is impossible to lose weight locally, whether it be arms, sides, legs or back. When a person begins to lose weight, the percentage of subcutaneous fat decreases throughout the body, and not only in places where muscle stress is exerted. But nevertheless, the above fat burning exercises for the abdomen and sides, along with proper nutrition and cardio training, can help achieve the desired result.