TOP questions about weight loss

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The most common question asked by girls sounds about the same for everyone: "Why am I not losing weight? I sit on a diet, run in the park, but the weight is worth it. What is the reason? ". Let's take a look at the most popular questions regarding weight loss and volume correction.

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Weight does not go away - does it mean I'm not losing weight?

Don't get hung up on weight. Focus on measurements and your reflection in the mirror. Or another way is to look at things. Favorite jeans, which have not been fastened for a year already, better than any scales "tell" that you have lost weight. Or even more.

A woman's weight constantly fluctuates: before menstruation, after salty food, after a bath and sauna, etc. Weight can change several times a day (more details in this article). Therefore, this is not the main indicator. In addition, if you start attending strength training, the muscles tone up, begin to fill and grow, become heavier. Thus, at first, the weight may even increase (due to the increase in muscle mass). This is not to be feared.

True, very often weight stability directly indicates the ineffectiveness of the training program and the nutrition system you have chosen. How do you know if this is the case?

If nothing changes: neither the volumes, nor the weight, nor the reflection in the mirror. If after a month of sports and PP you did not notice any results at all, then your whole program needs to be revised.

Perhaps you are lacking in cardio. Or, more typically, you eat a lot - the person only loses weight when they are in a calorie deficit. If you do not leave the treadmill for days, and then "reward" yourself with chocolate cakes, there will be no effect. The body losing weight must spend more than consume - pure mathematics.

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What foods should be removed?

Stop eating fast food, snacks, sweets and starchy foods, especially store-bought confectionery with a lot of trans fats (see this article for how they are dangerous). Do not eat fatty, fried foods, peel off the skin from poultry, and all fat from meat. Mainly steam, boil or bake. Minimize your sugar intake and use honey as a sweetener. Reduce the amount of salt, especially if you are prone to swelling.

It is recommended to give up alcohol, especially beer, it is most harmful to the figure. And also from strong alcohol - it is the most high-calorie. Just think, in 100 ml of liqueur there are 344 kcal, in 100 ml of whiskey - 222 kcal. Three glasses of liquor is almost a daily calorie requirement! Plus, alcohol provokes overeating, whetting appetite and "breaking the prohibitions" - it is more difficult for a drunk person to refuse a cream dessert or an extra barbecue stick.

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Can I have milk?

Many losing weight are afraid of fermented milk products, like fire. Like, it floods from them. Everything here is individual: if this is not the first time you notice swelling after eating cottage cheese or kefir, then, indeed, you can reduce the presence of these products in the diet. True, in most cases it is a myth. Either you just ate cottage cheese at night, or you ate salty before that and drank a lot. If you are not too fond of milk, you can skip eating, and get your protein norm with meat or protein shakes.

Can I have pasta, potatoes and bread?

In general, you can. But if you want to speed up the process of burning fat, then it is better to give up for a while. Later, when the weight gets off the ground and consistent results are visible, potatoes, pasta and bread can be gradually introduced into the diet. But:

  • pasta - only from durum wheat;
  • bread - whole grain, WITHOUT yeast and ideally without sugar (such a product is the hardest to find - there is a lot of whole grain bread and without yeast, but with sugar in the composition);
  • potatoes - only baked or boiled and no more than 2 times a week, in the morning. For dinner - undesirable.
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Can't eat after six?

Can! And you need to! The last meal should be 3 hours before bedtime. That is, if you go to bed at 12, you can eat at 9. For dinner, proteins with vegetables, dairy products are best. Fatty and carbohydrates are best left in the morning.

How many meals should there be?

There is no consensus on this score. Five meals a day are suitable for someone, and three meals a day for someone. The main thing is to adhere to your KBZHU norm, and into how many meals you divide the prescribed amount of food is not so important. But it is advisable to eat evenly - do not take too long breaks between meals, do not starve, do not overeat.

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How many calories do I need to consume to lose weight?

Each has its own rate. It depends on your height, weight and your level of physical activity. It must be calculated using a special formula.

What is a cheat meal and is it allowed if I am losing weight?

A cheat meal is a planned "loading" of high-calorie, often unhealthy foods. This is done in order to prevent breakdowns and to lift your mood. It saves many cheat meals - he overeats once a week and again on a strict deficit. For many, this scheme is suitable. But not everyone. Therefore, try, watch your sensations, volumes and weight. It happens that cheat meals interfere with losing weight.

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Cheat meal rules:

  • Cheat meals need to be planned in advance - you have to eat cleanly for 6 days, then on the seventh you are allowed to eat a delicious "forbidden".
  • You can have a cheat meal once a week or every two weeks - the less often the better.
  • If you practice 80% to 20%, that is, you include sweets and harmfulness in the menu every day (no more than 20% of the total number of calories), you are not entitled to a cheat meal.

Cheat meal is not "I eat intuitively, but once a week I also gorge myself. "So you can only get better. We repeat, cheat meal is allowed only for those who keep a clean meal without any indulgences on the other days.