Diet six petals: menu, recipes, reviews

The Six Petals diet is based on a separate diet. During the period of six days, one type of food is offered for each subsequent day. Thus, it helps to lose weight, as well as balance the number of carbohydrates and proteins.

In general, disparate nutrition contributes not only to getting rid of unnecessary kilograms, but also normalizes the amount of necessary nutrients in the body.

girl on a diet 6 petals

Sample diet menu six petals for every day

Here is a simple menu for every day of the six-petal diet:

  • Day one: fish, which can be consumed in any cooked form, most importantly, not fried.
  • Second: vegetables, also in any cooked form or raw.
  • Third: chicken. Preference is given to white dietary meat, that is, breast.
  • Fourth: cereals as cereals on the water, it is allowed to drink unsweetened kvass.
  • Fifth: cottage cheese, preferably low-fat, you can also use low-fat milk.
  • Sixth: fruits in various forms, raw, baked, fruit juices, preferably diluted.

When cooking, it is not forbidden to use salt and various spices and herbs. The only thing is to use them in moderation. But it is necessary to completely eliminate sugar. Tea and coffee without sugar are allowed.

Following this system, the exit occurs on the seventh day. You will noticeably feel the loss of several kilograms. You will need to stick to the food that you ate for a few more days.

Recipes for the six petal diet

So many delicious things can be prepared from fish, chicken or vegetables. For example, meatballs or steamed fish cakes, chicken fillet cooked in the oven, and more. If you do not like, for example, fish, it is possible to cook it so that it becomes your favorite dish. You can make a casserole or pudding from cottage cheese. It's also very tasty.

  • Vegetable day: this is a vinaigrette, vegetable stew, stewed cabbage, freshly squeezed vegetable juices.
  • Cereal day: you can bake oatmeal cookies without adding flour, porridge from a variety of cereals made on water, oatmeal pudding.

Reviews about the diet 6 petals

In general, opinions about it are quite diverse. All women who used this technique give their advantages and disadvantages.

  • The biggest advantage, undoubtedly one thing - the weight really goes away. Most women are satisfied with the result.
  • Among the shortcomings, dislike for certain products presented in this diet is distinguished. But what is tasty is not always useful. And the taste properties depend on how you cook these products.

In general, the initial step is to draw a flower with six petals. Mark each petal with a specific day and hang in a visible place. The flower will remind you what day to eat. After its completion, it is recommended to take a break for several weeks. Before using it, it is necessary to consider the state of your health and be sure to consult a nutritionist.