7 conditions for real weight loss in a month: a plan for a quick result

The weight of a person depends on the amount of energy consumed and expended. If more calories are ingested with food than are consumed, then body weight increases. You can really lose weight in a month if you consume less energy and spend more. To achieve this goal, 7 conditions will help.

Lifestyle change

To lose weight, it is important to completely change your lifestyle, and not go on a diet, after which the weight will return again. No need to completely refuse food or spend all your free time in the gym. There are 7 conditions for real weight loss in a month. If you follow them, you will not only achieve amazing results, but also keep them for life. For real weight loss in the long term you will need:

  1. To refuse from bad habits.
  2. Follow the principles of proper nutrition.
  3. Calculate calories consumed and expended.
  4. Move more.
  5. Observe the drinking regime.
  6. Prevent stress.
  7. Sleep at least 8 hours a day.
lifestyle change for weight loss in a month

Goal and motivation for weight loss

Overweight can be fought for years, but not to achieve results. This happens because the goal is set at one time, for example, to lose weight by 5 kg. After that, the person relaxes and quickly gains weight again. To consolidate the result, motivation is needed. It is important to understand that the main goal of losing weight is not a beautiful figure for the beach season, but health promotion for life.

Working on yourself builds willpower, increases self-confidence. To achieve the goal, you need:

  • Keep records of your successes in order to visually see the results, periodically adjust the program.
  • Consider a system of rewards and punishments. The gameplay of losing weight will help keep laziness under control.
  • Put your old photos with the desired body weight and beautiful things with a smaller size in prominent places.
  • Tell others about your plans. The support of relatives and friends will increase self-confidence.
  • Think positive. Thoughts that you won’t be able to lose weight will never help change your life for the better.

Power correction

A diet for weight loss in a month is not a long hunger strike, but a rejection of the "wrong" foods. Should be removed from the diet:

  • flour products;
  • sweets;
  • fat meat;
  • fast food;
  • semi-finished products;
  • fried foods;
  • carbonated drinks;
  • alcohol.
waist measurement during weight loss for a month

The basis of the diet should be vegetables, unsweetened fruits, cereals with a low glycemic index (buckwheat, millet, pearl barley). For real weight loss, you must adhere to certain nutritional rules:

  • the amount of one serving should fit in the palm of your hand;
  • meals every 3-4 hours;
  • one kilogram of raw vegetables per day;
  • balanced diet (proteins, fats, slow carbohydrates);
  • drinking regime.

calorie counting

One of the conditions for real weight loss in a month is the correct calculation of daily calories. The daily norm for a passive lifestyle is 1600-1800 kcal, for athletes - 3000. Based on this figure, you can increase or decrease body weight. If you need to lose a couple of kilograms, then you need to reduce the daily diet by 100-150 calories, if more, then by 300.

Important! You can not reduce the daily dose of kcal to 1200, otherwise the body will slow down the metabolism. Instead of losing weight, any food eaten will contribute to weight gain.

It is better to create a calorie deficit by increasing physical activity. There are several formulas for accurately calculating calories. The most popular is Mifflin-San Geora:

  • for men: kcal \u003d (9. 99 x weight / kg) + (6. 25 x height / cm) - (4. 92 x age) + 5;
  • for women: kcal \u003d (9. 99 x weight / kg) + (6. 25 x height / cm) - (4. 92 x age) - 161.

Water balance

Drink 1 glass of plain water 20 minutes before meals. This will help you effortlessly eat less food. It should be remembered that an excess of fluid, as well as its lack, is harmful to the body, since useful elements are washed out of the tissues.

On average, the daily norm of an adult is 2 liters of drinking water per day. You can include green tea, rosehip broth in this volume. To calculate the individual dose, you must use the formula:

  • men: l = weight (kg) x 34;
  • women: l = weight (kg) x 31.
drinking water during weight loss per month

Sleep and stress

Scientists have proven that chronic lack of sleep reduces the production of two hormones: leptin, which is responsible for feeling full, and ghrelin, which stimulates appetite. As a result, the body receives stress, which a person tries to drown out with high-calorie foods. To avoid this, you need to sleep for 8-9 hours at night, preferably from 22. 00 to 06. 00. It is easy to prevent stress if before going to bed:

  • take a walk in the fresh air;
  • read an interesting book;
  • watch an exciting movie
  • take a relaxing bath.

Physical activity

For health and weight loss, a person needs to be constantly on the move. Hypodynamia provokes appetite, slows down metabolism. During weight loss, it is recommended to choose hourly cardio loads 2-3 times a week: running, walking, active fitness training.

Interval exercises are useful, which are carried out with a change in speed and intensity. For example, first speed running for a minute, then brisk walking - 1. 5 minutes. Often, fitness trainers offer strength exercises for a month to lose weight. Such training is carried out with the use of weights or using your own weight. As a rule, strength exercises are cyclical.

If active sports do not attract, then training carried out in calm conditions is also suitable: yoga, stretching, swimming. The main thing is that physical activity brings satisfaction, is not a burden, then the process of losing weight will go faster.