Diet for the lazy for a week: minus 5 kg in 7 days

the girl eats a cake and thinks about losing weight for the lazy

A lazy diet for weight loss for a week is just right for our fast-paced time, when there is no time to even take a break, and it’s completely impossible to follow proper nutrition. In this article you will find a detailed menu and recipes for the week, the essence of the diet and options.

A glass of water and no trouble

girl drinks water on a lazy diet

Everyone loves to eat deliciously, but few people like to count calories, go to the gym, and extra pounds grow on the body.

Can't help? It turns out that there is a diet for the lazy on the water. They say that this is the simplest, but very effective technique.

The main thing is that it is allowed to eat everything without reducing the number of meals, even sweets, without fear for an increase in the waist.

What is it? 20 minutes before each meal or any snack (even if it is one candy), you need to drink 2 glasses of warm water.

Many girls fear that by drinking so much liquid, they will stretch the stomach, which means they will grow their belly. These fears are completely unfounded. From some water, the stomach will not stretch, but from various buns, sweets, sausages - by all means.

Attention: the above diet allows you to drink water 20 minutes before meals, and a ban is imposed on taking any liquid during meals, as well as 2 hours after it.

Follow this recommendation should be only 2 weeks and not more than 1 time per year. During this time, you can lose about 8 kg.

It's hard to believe that without changing your eating habits, you can lose weight well, but it's true!

It is necessary to use any "raw" water, but not boiled.

Boiled water has neither useful minerals nor salts. Drink slowly, in small sips.

Does the water diet have any contraindications? Yes, it is contraindicated for pregnant women, as well as for people suffering from kidney and liver diseases, who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

We reduce the portion

vegetables and water for weight loss on a lazy diet

Starting to lose weight using this method, you need to find out the individual volume of fluid, since its excess can harm health.

How to determine its volume? Will not harm health 30-35 gr. per 1 kg of weight. If a person sweats too much, then the volume can be increased.

Reasons for weight loss:

  1. Drinking fluids before meals sends signals to the brain that the person is already full. Sometimes people, feeling a simple thirst, begin to eat. And after drinking warm water, they understand that they don’t want to eat.
  2. Taking it instead of food, the body is deceived. The desire to eat more leaves, as a result, the portion eaten is much reduced.
  3. There is also calorie fencing, because before drinking a cup of sweet tea, you need to drink 2 cups of water. As a result, there is no time for tea, and water has no calories.
  4. After a day or two, food begins to be associated with half a liter of ordinary water, which causes not the most pleasant sensations.

Many girls refuse even snacks, just not to drink this liquid. Namely, due to constant snacking, excess weight appears. After all, while eating, many people consume the most high-calorie food.

In addition, drinking 2 cups of liquid, you wash out various "garbage", thereby contributing to the normalization of metabolic processes, improvement of the digestive tract, hair condition, and complexion.

A person becomes energetic, vigorous, his working capacity increases. And after the increase in working capacity, maintaining a mobile lifestyle, enhanced burning of fats follows.

Attention:do not sit on this diet for longer than 2-3 weeks, otherwise the work of the kidneys and bladder will worsen, your pressure may increase, swelling may appear.

And another tip, in these 2 weeks, be sure to take vitamins, as calcium will be washed out of the body. And also do not lean on sweet, fried, spicy foods, pastries.

In order for an effective diet to give even greater results, arrange a fasting day for yourself before starting it, accustom yourself to eat at a certain time.

lazy diet menu for 3 days

lazy diet vegetables

For 2 weeks minus 12 kg, is it possible? Most importantly, no stress! Products can change, most importantly, you can not give up your usual food, but still do not eat a lot of sweets, fried, salted, smoked.

The menu is given for three days, and then you decide for yourself what you can and without what you can do without.

Check out the menu for three days.

First day

Divide 2. 5 liters of water into 5 times. For 25-30 min. before breakfast, drink 2 cups of filtered raw water.

  1. Breakfast: oatmeal, flavored with 1 teaspoon of honey, plus 10-12 berries.
  2. Second breakfast: a cup of water 20 minutes before a snack, then 1 apple or 1 orange.
  3. Dinner. Half an hour before lunch, 2 cups of water. Boiled potatoes plus a piece of chicken.
  4. afternoon tea. For 20 minutes 1 glass of water. Vegetable salad flavored with olive oil.
  5. Dinner: 2 cups of water, then baked fish plus tomatoes.

Second day

The amount of water is the same as on the 1st day.

  1. Breakfast: baked omelette with greens plus tomatoes.
  2. Second breakfast: grapefruit.
  3. Lunch: vegetable soup with a slice of buckwheat bread.
  4. Snack: boiled egg, greens;
  5. Dinner: baked chicken plus stewed vegetables.

Third day

Don't forget 2 cups of water before breakfast, lunch and dinner and 1 cup before snacks.

  1. Breakfast: buckwheat with milk, honey.
  2. Second breakfast: 2 pears;
  3. Lunch: green borscht, a slice of black bread.
  4. Snack: classic yogurt plus strawberries or raspberries.

The essence of the diet for the lazy

This weight loss method is also built on the intake of pure water, which occupies most of the stomach, and the amount of food is reduced.

You won't starve as the liquid will give you a feeling of satiety, but without the calories.

Just drink in small sips. A quick intake will bring an unpleasant feeling in the stomach.

After eating, if you want to drink coffee or juice, then only after 1. 5 hours.

Try not to add salt to food, salt retains fluid in the body, which means swelling is formed. Make a menu for every day and lose weight!

Is it possible to lose weight in a week?

girl wants to lose weight on a lazy diet

Is it possible to lose weight in a week without much stress? It is possible, but nothing is given for nothing. Efforts will still need to be applied, you won’t have to lie on the couch with a bun.

But a special program for the lazy will not let you "break loose" ahead of time, without seeing your results.

And this is what you should like! This method involves skipping dinner. The last meal at 16-00, scary! But you don’t have to cook dinner, imagine how much time you will save!

Lazy diet for weight loss: minus 5 kg in 7 days

Day 1


  • Steamed fish - 50-60 gr, lettuce with 1 tsp. olive oil, 1 cup kefir 1% fat;


  • 1 boiled egg, 2 slices of wholemeal bread,
  • Chicken fillet or turkey meat - 90-95 gr.

Day 2


  • Celery as much as you like, boiled veal 80-85 gr. ,
  • Boiled potatoes - 1 piece + 1 boiled carrot,
  • Green tea without sugar;


  • 1 cup low fat yogurt
  • 100-110 gr. cottage cheese (fat-free),
  • Oatmeal, boiled in water, 5 dates.

Day 3

lazy diet chicken broth


  • Chicken broth without salt - 250 ml, crispbread 3 pcs. ,
  • Steamed chicken breast - 50-55 gr. ;


  • Rye bread - 2 slices, boiled veal - 50-55 gr,
  • Spinach as much as you like, apple + orange.

Day 4


  • Boiled buckwheat, a cup of yogurt 1% fat,
  • Tomato salad with olive oil;


  • boiled rice,
  • Glass of fresh orange juice
  • 100 gr. cottage cheese with prunes, grapefruit, kiwi.

Day 5


  • Boiled beef - 60g,
  • 1 egg +1 cucumber, 2 bell peppers;


  • Steam chicken breast, 1 boiled potato,
  • Apple and orange, 2 walnuts, dried apricots - 3 pcs.

Day 6


  • Chicken broth without salt - 100-110 ml,
  • Steamed red fish -100-120 gr. with green peas (3 tablespoons), 1 slice of rye bread, green tea with 1 tsp. honey;


  • boiled brown rice,
  • Lettuce leaves with tomatoes and lemon juice dressing with sesame seeds,
  • An hour after eating dessert: a glass of low-fat milk, kiwi and banana.

Day 7


  • Chicken breast - 60-70 gr,
  • A plate of buckwheat porridge, 1 bell pepper + low-fat cottage cheese (2 tablespoons),
  • Black tea with 1 tsp. honey, a handful of raisins,


  • Boiled lentils, boiled beef - 100-110 gr. ,
  • Low-fat yogurt without additives (125 gr. ), Almonds (30 gr. ).

As you can see, there is no salt on the menu. A week without salt will help your body become healthier, which means you will be a more energetic young person.

Age restrictions

weight loss results on a lazy diet

Nutritionists believe that 16-year-old girls and mature women after 50 years of age should be especially careful with diet.

For them, there is a danger of not getting the most important trace elements.

Make it a rule to drink no more than a glass of warm water 20 minutes before meals.

To prevent leaching of potassium and calcium from the body, take these minerals in tablet form after meals.

Women after 50 years old, "sitting" on this diet, leave only positive feedback. They note positive changes in mood, because it's nice to see a slim figure in the mirror.

It is worth noting that coffee and tea are also considered a snack, which means that you also need to drink water before them.

How can water therapy help?

a glass of water for a lazy diet
  1. Water carries all the beneficial bacteria and substances throughout the body.
  2. Dissolves nutrients.
  3. A person is 70% water, therefore, the loss of a tenth of the water supply threatens with rapid fatigue.
  4. Dehydration threatens with exhaustion of the heart, a decrease in brain activity.
  5. There are no calories in water, so it does not threaten weight gain.
  6. During the day, water is able to renew blood, lymph, and take out the garbage.

Despite all the positive aspects, a lazy diet can only be used for 2 weeks, in a month you can harm your health.

Dear women, I think you will enjoy this simple, low-cost diet for the lazy. The main thing is to gather your courage and drink some water for only 2 weeks. If it is difficult to drink ordinary water, nutritionists do not prohibit dropping 5-7 drops of lemon juice into it.