Simple and effective exercises for a flat stomach

A flat stomach is very important for many, primarily from an aesthetic point of view. But it is the stomach, along with the hips, that represents the most problematic area for any impacts aimed at losing weight. To remove unnecessary layers in such places, you will have to work hard - exercises for a flat stomach alone will not help.

They try to create a beautiful belly with tightened muscles not only in order to look attractive in the mirror. Getting rid of layers at the waist significantly reduces the risk of diseases that accumulated fat can cause.

You should not expect to find a flat stomach in a week if it has already reached a fair size. There will be no instant result, because the accumulation of fat does not occur in one day. To tighten the abdominal muscles at home, there are different ways, and you can choose the one that is more suitable for a particular situation.

How to make a flat stomach

Beautiful flat stomach thanks to simple exercises

To remove waist fat, you need to put in more effort and try to choose the right approach. It is necessary not only to perform exercises to get a flat stomach, but also to follow some rules that will help reduce fat.

It will definitely work to make a flat tummy if you radically revise your diet. The process of losing weight is inextricably linked with what gets inside the stomach. With a high energy value of food, excess weight will not go away, the fat layer will remain and may even increase. To lose a pound a week and achieve a flat stomach, you will need to reduce the number of calories consumed per day and ensure that their number is from 500 to 1000.

Even if you really want to make your stomach flat quickly, you don’t need to go beyond the recommended diet. With a rapid decrease in calories consumed per day, the consequences for the body may not be particularly good.

With a minimum energy value of the foods that are consumed per day, the metabolism may decrease towards a reduction or the number of calories that the body burns when performing any activity changes. These facts have been confirmed through scientific research.

Reducing calorie intake for effective weight loss

If you consume calories in excess of the norm, it will not be possible to restore metabolism. Its level will be much lower than before the energy value was reduced. Therefore, you should not starve, trying to lose excess weight - in this situation, the body will suffer for no reason, and the desired results will not be achieved.

You will need to increase the content of dietary fiber in the food you eat. Particular attention should be paid to the soluble variety. Such fibers have the ability to absorb significant amounts of water, which makes the movement of food through the gastrointestinal tract noticeably more difficult. As a result, a person will feel full for a long time after eating. Due to soluble fibers, it is possible to reduce the number of calories that a person receives from food, and the amount of fat that the body tries to store.

Studies also show the positive effect of dietary fiber on the body. According to the results obtained, 10 g of fiber, which are introduced into the menu every day, and so for several years, is enough to reduce the weight that is gained at the waist.

To make the stomach flat, you need to send more and reduce fat in this area. In the food for this include Brussels sprouts, oatmeal, legumes, flax seeds. They contain a lot of healthy dietary fiber.

The need for probiotics

Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms that help regulate weight and significantly improve the process of losing weight. In the organisms of people with normal weight and its excess, intestinal bacteria are different.

The gut microflora of obese people works to ensure that the body can gain more weight, but with the help of probiotics, this can be changed. Their action helps to increase the number of beneficial bacteria, thereby reducing the risk of accumulation of fat on the abdomen.

The content of probiotics in pickles and kefir, yogurts is high. They can be consumed as a separate nutritious meal, along with other products, as well as in the form of special supplements containing several active strains of lactobacilli.

The use of kefir, coupled with a set of exercises, will help burn fat in the abdomen

Cardio training can provide tightening of the abdominal muscles in a month, if the fat deposits have not become rampant. Simple exercises for gaining a beautiful belly help strengthen the muscles in the middle of the body, thereby reducing the waist.

A workout aimed at gaining a flat stomach, with a high or average rhythm, can be from 150 to 300 minutes. In time, it takes 20-40 minutes per day. A particularly good effect can be obtained from running and walking at a fast pace, cycling.

More often allocating time for cardio training, it is possible to tighten the press in a short time and get an elastic stomach.

Protein shakes

Protein shakes are an opportunity to fully saturate the body with protein. Getting it in the right amount, you can spur metabolism, and, on the contrary, reduce appetite. As a result, the fat content in the tissues decreases, it is possible to cope with problem areas. By adding protein shakes to your diet, it is easier to get a thin waist, which girls love to be proud of.

Protein shakes in the diet of the girl contributed to a slender waist

Fun and easy exercises

For those who are interested in how to make a flat stomach at home, you can try different exercise options. Most of them are quite effective, easy to perform and great for working out at home.

Side plank

Among the exercises that allow you to achieve a beautiful plane of the abdomen, you can find the traditional plank, based on the feet and hands, and its complicated version. By increasing the complexity, the effect also increases. Performing a lateral variation among flat stomach fitness exercises helps to sculpt this area, as it were.

The complication of the support makes the abdominal muscles work differently, which brings the desired result closer.

Side plank for a flat stomach

How to do a side plank:

  • Turn on your right side, place your elbow under your shoulder, squeeze your legs. Place the right hand on the belt or left shoulder.
  • Slightly tense your abdominal muscles, lift your hips off the floor so that you take a pose that allows you to maintain balance on your feet and one arm. Stretch so that the torso forms a straight line. In this position, freeze for half a minute, then turn to the other side and repeat the exercise.

If the muscles still cannot hold out in this state for 30 seconds in a row, do several lifts, each duration should be done as long as you can withstand.

Walking with hands

In complexes designed to get a flat stomach in a month, there are options in which walking is performed with hands while lying down. With such a movement, it is necessary to involve all muscle groups in the performance - the body is activated, legs and arms are connected. The exercise helps to train in stability and learn to maintain balance for a long time.

Walking with your hands to train all muscle groups, in particular the abdomen

It should be done like this:

  • On the floor, take the emphasis lying - just like when doing regular push-ups. Place your palms shoulder-width apart, it is better if they are slightly apart to the sides.
  • Now try to walk, moving your palms as far forward as possible, and return to your previous position. Repetitions will need to be done ten, if possible fifteen.
  • You can make it a little more difficult to perform actions by raising your legs alternately while rearranging your hands on the floor.

Exercise for the press "Alligator"

The unusual name illustrates the method of execution - those who want to lose weight will have to move on the floor like an alligator. Such an exercise for a flat stomach, even when performed at home, helps to make the entire body work completely. By doing it regularly, you can perfectly hone the skill of maintaining balance.

A simple exercise for a flat stomach brings a good effect, helps to arrange the burning of excess calories, since it combines cardio training, making efforts to ensure balance, and an additional strength element.

How to do the alligator exercise correctly:

  1. Gymnastics to remove fat from the abdomen can be difficult if done at home. To carry out the alligator exercise, you need a flat plane of 15-20 meters, free from furniture. You will also need to stock up on an item that will provide improved sliding on the floor surface. For example, for the surface of the carpet, you can choose a plastic bag, for wood or tiles, you can take a soft towel.
  2. The starting position for this exercise is to take a prone position, wrap your feet with a towel or film.
  3. Try to drag your torso across the floor until the free section of the floor ends. Then rest for about a minute, return to the starting position. Repeat all steps.

Press and its training in a static position

Flat tummies can be obtained by doing core training. It is convenient to perform this while taking a pose characteristic of the plank.Exercises for weight loss and sculpting the abdomen may include options for static tension for the press. For them, you need to prepare a foam mat.

How to perform:

  • To achieve a flat stomach, the recommended gymnastics elements are performed regularly. Effectiveness also depends on the correct execution. Start in a supine position with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle. Lift your feet off the surface, toes pointing up. At the same time, the arms should be extended, place them on top of the hips.
  • Take a deep breath. Exhaling, contract the abdominal muscles, press the pelvis to the floor, push the hips with your palms. The legs must remain motionless. Stay in this position for a second, then slowly relax the muscles. So it is necessary to carry out ten repetitions, the element is carried out up to three times in a row.

You can increase the difficulty for the exercise by increasing the difficulty of the tension for the press. As you exhale, press your palms to your hips, lift your shoulders and head from the floor. On inspiration - the starting position. In addition, you can carry out mini-twisting so that the load increases and the effect you need is obtained.

Exercise for abdominal muscles "Boat"

The elements that help to achieve the greatest effect when trying to improve the figure involve using the legs as a lever. When lifting them, the muscles of the cortex receive an additional load, since they take the weight of the lower half of the body. This principle is the basis of the effect obtained from the "Boat" exercise.

How to conduct:

  • Sit on a foam pad, bend your legs, and place your feet on the floor. Rest on your elbows, move your back slightly back without arching your spine. The palms are on the mat.
  • Tighten your abdominal muscles slightly, lift your legs, bending at an angle of 90 degrees, squeezing your knees and stretching your socks forward.
  • Without lifting the lower half of the body from the floor, the legs should be turned to the left. The angle must be preserved.
  • Lower your legs and turn to the right. It turns out that in the air you seem to describe an elongated horseshoe with them.
  • Repeat the element 20 times, slightly changing direction.
Exercise for weight loss of the abdomen - Boat

If you want to increase the load, you need to raise your legs at an obtuse angle or straighten them.


The best elements for strengthening the muscles in the abdomen and removing fat from it are dynamic, in which the legs and shoulder blades come off the floor. An element called "Frog" helps to intensively engage the muscles and work them out perfectly.

How to:

  1. Place an exercise mat on the floor and sit on it. Spread your legs in a sitting position to the sides, bending them at the knees and aligning your heels.
  2. Inhaling, lift your shoulders and head, twist the torso over the ribs so that you can look at your legs. Raise your hands and stretch out from the outside of the legs, turning your palms to the floor.
  3. Exhaling, straighten your legs, stretch above the floor at an angle of 45 degrees. The knees should be compressed. Exhaling, move into frog pose, pulling your heels towards your torso. Perform three times in a row.
Dynamic exercise Frog for working out the muscles of the press

The Frog is often included in the list of exercises for tightening the muscles on the abdomen.

Performing intensive training during the week, after this period, the results can be obtained quite well. If it seems to you that little effort is being applied and it will not be possible to get a flat stomach in a short time in this way, you can complicate the execution a little. Straighten your legs, try to lower them lower, without touching the floor.

Opinions of losing weight about such activities

Training for a flat stomach, performed regularly, helps to get a good effect in a fairly short time. Exercises that make it possible to make the stomach elastic, it is better to select depending on the characteristics of the body. For some, classic twists are perfect, but for many girls they are contraindicated - you can’t perform them, for example, after abdominal operations. In these cases, you will need to select other exercises.

Having tried different options, you can choose the best complex for yourself. Even if you don't manage to get a flat stomach in 2 weeks, you will be able to work your abs well. In combination with a diet and supplements specially designed for weight loss, the effect can be wonderful.