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  • The diet for pancreatitis should be low-calorie, with a sharp restriction of fat, mechanically and chemically sparing. She is the key to your healing. Check out the list of products allowed for illness, as well as a sample menu for 6 days of diet No. 5p for chronic pancreatitis.
    20 February 2022
  • Diet for gout every day. List of permitted and prohibited products. What can and cannot be eaten. Diet 6. Sample menu, recipes.
    10 February 2022
  • The Dukan diet is effective for weight loss. Is conducted in 4 phases: Attack, Alternation, consolidation, Stabilization. Based on the consumption of protein products.
    31 July 2019
  • The half blood has a healing effect on the human body. The diet not only help to lose weight, but will strengthen the immune and digestive system.
    3 July 2019